Construction Site Accident at Work

18 May 2021 | Snezhina Yankova

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Our client suffered numerous fractures to their left leg requiring surgery following a work accident on a construction site.

He was working in a room on a construction site that had several metal rails and other equipment all over the floor so, limiting the floor space where he could work.  Our client had asked his supervisor the previous day if the area could be cleared but nothing happened.

Our client was fixing boarding to the walls and ceiling but, was only provided with a step ladder and not a working platform. As a consequence, he had to hold the board and the drill and fix one with the other whilst standing on the ladder, which was not correctly positioned due to the metalwork strewn across the floor. Our client lost his balance and fell from the stepladder.

We were pleased that our client made a good recovery from his injuries but he did continue to suffer from low-level pain in his knee and shin.  He changed his employment to avoid the use of ladders and ceiling work and was able to return to work on a full-time basis after a short period of absence. We settled his construction accident claim for £50,000


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