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“Jan Atkinson stands out for her wide-ranging knowledge and experience of estates; whatever problem you throw at her, she has seen it all before and is able to find a creative and sustainable solution. She has exceptional commitment to her clients and explores every avenue to find the best solution for them”

Legal 500 2021 - Jan Atkinson

Jan Atkinson

Jan is senior partner at Osbornes Law.

After gaining valuable experience as a property lawyer in the City, Jan joined Osbornes in 1991, developing her interest in Wills, Estates and Trusts work and now specialises exclusively in this field. She heads up a 13 strong team at Osbornes and has a wealth and knowledge of experience in the private client field. Her main focus now is on wealth planning, high value estate administrations, international estates and disputed probate and trusts cases.

Jan is a registered Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a registered Contentious Trust and Probate Specialist (CTAPS). She is a well known figure in the private client field, in large part as a result of her active role on the Law Society Private Client Section Executive Committee, her membership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS). Jan writes regularly on Wills and Inheritance issues and lectures on these and related subjects.

Her most rewarding cases involve intricate estate administrations, international probate work, successful Inheritance Act claims and resolving disputed Estates. She is regularly appointed by the Court as an independent administrator to resolve long running contentious estates and has a strong international practice.

Jan is ranked as a ‘Top Recommended’  lawyer in the Contentious Tax and Trusts field in Spears 2021.

What the directories say:

Chambers High Net Worth Guide

The guide says that “she brings a depth of experience in estate administration to her respected disputes practice.” 2020 Edition

Jan Atkinson “is an impressive lawyer who knows her way around private wealth dispute matters. She is very experienced in lengthy and fraught disputes and knows how to achieve good solutions for all parties involved. She is very on the ball and works very efficiently” 2019 Edition

Chambers and Partners Legal Directory

Jan Atkinson is “terrific,” “extremely professional” and “enormously experienced.” 2020 Edition

Jan Atkinson’s “in-depth knowledge of the non-contentious work gives her an advantage when she’s dealing with very difficult contentious issues, because she really understands what has gone wrong and how to get it right” 2020 Edition

Legal 500

“Jan Atkinson is extremely experienced and an expert in this area of law. She is utterly pragmatic, always looking at what the client wants to achieve. She can be extremely tough when she needs to be but always knows when to compromise” 2021 Edition

Osbornes does high-quality work. Jan Atkinson is the go-to partner for independent administrations” 2021 Edition

Jan Atkinson stands out for her wide-ranging knowledge and experience of estates; whatever problem you throw at her, she has seen it all before and is able to find a creative and sustainable solution. She has exceptional commitment to her clients and explores every avenue to find the best solution for them” 2021 Edition

“A very capable team headed by the wonderful Jan Atkinson. She is both able and charming, which is a winning combination” 2021 Edition

“Jan Atkinson is a formidable litigator in succession disputes – you want her on your team in any such case” 2021 Edition

“Jan Atkinson, with her steely, steady, calming presence, instils confidence in the most highly-strung of us clients. With her masterful knowledge of the law, old and new, and its application, Jan can navigate through the most complex of cases to a successful end” 2021 Edition

“Jan Atkinson is a stand out partner who combines a non-contentious and contentious practice. She is calm, persuasive and persistent. Clients would undoubtedly trust her and she is able to call on a super nice rock solid team around her.” 2019 Edition

“Jan Atkinson has extensive experience in private client matters, which underpins her excellent skills in the contentious probate area. Plus she is strong on international matters.” 2019 Edition

What our clients say about Jan:

“Thank-you Jan from the bottom of my heart for all your care and for standing up for me this whole time in addition to constantly pushing this along, sharing your help and advice with everyone and for having such clear focus with direction. Each step of the way you have amazed me more than the last time. I am so grateful and appreciative of all that you have done. This chapter of my life will close, thank-you to you. My words are so small for all that you have done. You have given me more than you know”

“Jan is one of the most client-friendly, ‘savvy’ solicitors I’ve ever met. A solicitor who knows exactly how to navigate a case to the best possible outcome. In my case, being able to contain my over- zealous demands, which, without her control, could have come to nothing. Jan has this great command of the law and knows exactly, how to execute it, in the interests of her client. I have her to thank for everything. My family members and I are all with her excellent firm, Osbornes Solicitors LLP, ‘a chain, solicitors and right-hands, with no weak link.”

“I feel so humbled at your dedication from start to end when I was 100% lost. Also, I am in awe of your skills and knowledge with how to handle all the steps in this case and also how you helped throughout this whole thing. Your kindness and understanding to me is overwhelming… honestly, in each part of this, you’ve amazed me more than the last time.”

“Once more this year your professionalism, hard work, perseverance, dedication and expertise with my case has truly humbled me. You kept me going when I had lost all strength… your action and your ability to power through is remarkable and outstanding.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your integrity. You are one in a million! I trusted you all along the way.”

“I would highly recommend you in any probate matter and your firm in any other legal matters.”

“Jan Atkinson is a very proficient lady whom I would highly recommend to anyone involved in probates.”

“I wanted to say that I am grateful beyond words at the effort Jan Atkinson has been putting in towards fixing our situation.”

“Jan Atkinson has helped me so very much! Thank you!”

“I should note that it is refreshing to deal with an efficient, professional, and well written lawyer such as yourself.”

“Thank you all very much for your professional service, it has been reassuring throughout.”

“You have completely amazed me and I have such heart-felt gratitude for your dedication and perseverance”

“You have truly shone out from anyone I have known with your experience and knowledge in these types of situations”

Jan’s Reported Cases:

Fischer v Diffley [2013] EWHC 4567 (Ch); [2014] COPLR 212; [2014] WTLR 757

Jan was the Independent Administrator in claims regarding the testamentary capacity of a testatrix suffering with dementia.  The estate involved cross-border issues as well as dealing with various properties and tenants.

Lyons v Kerr-Robinson [2016] EWHC 2137 (Ch)

Jan was the Independent Administrator in claims concerning transfers of money from the deceased’s estate by the former personal representative.


In her spare time Jan plays a lot of tennis and likes to travel.

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