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Agreeing a Divorce Financial Settlement

A financial settlement in the context of a divorce sets out how assets including money, property and possessions are shared at the end of a marriage or civil partnership

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What is a financial settlement in divorce?

A financial settlement, officially known as a financial settlement agreement, is an arrangement between two adults who have agreed to separate legally. It is required when divorcing couples have a number of joint financial assets. The divorce settlement is a fair and equal agreement on splitting the assets. The following assets are included when calculating the financial settlement:

  • the family home and any other property
  • savings, investments and trusts
  • joint bank accounts
  • vehicles
  • jointly owned business assets
  • pensions

It also covers how you’ll repay debts and organise child maintenance or spousal maintenance payments.

How is a financial settlement calculated?

Guidelines for calculating divorce settlements are set out in section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. To reach a fair settlement, you and your spouse must provide details of all your assets. This must be ‘full and frank’ and include all assets held in your sole name and jointly or with any third party.  Attempting to hide or conceal assets is not recommended.

Once this information has been exchanged, our lawyers will advise you on your entitlements, and you can evaluate your options.  These include:

  • Agreeing to a split directly with your former spouse;
  • Attending mediation to reach an agreement;
  • Partaking in arbitration; or 
  • Allowing one of our expert lawyers to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. 

If a settlement cannot be achieved in one of these ways, then we will discuss your court options.

What is a typical divorce settlement?

No two divorces or divorce finances are the same. However, common aspects need to be addressed in a typical divorce settlement to determine how your assets will be split. These include both couples’:

  • Assets
  • Income and future earning capacity
  • Their financial needs
  • Standards of living and expenses
  • Their age
  • Physical or mental disabilities
  • Significant contributions towards assets
  • The conduct of each party during the divorce process
  • Children

Whatever the extent of your wealth, you will need an expert divorce lawyer with the appropriate financial acumen to protect your interests.

How is property divided following divorce?

The division of a marital home in a divorce can be a complex issue. In England and Wales, the starting point for the division of assets is equality, but this may be subject to certain exceptions. The court will consider various factors, such as each spouse’s financial needs and contributions, the welfare of any children, and any other relevant circumstances. Find out more.

How are pensions split in a divorce?

There are three ways pensions can be divided upon divorce: pension sharing, offsetting and pension attachment/earmarking. A good starting point for clients who have initiated divorce proceedings or are planning to is to gather full and up-to-date valuations of all the pensions they and their partner have. Find out more.

Do I need a financial settlement agreement?

Even if you have reached a verbal agreement with your spouse, we strongly recommend obtaining a financial settlement agreement to protect you and your family in the long term and ensure the fair division of all assets.  This is called a Financial Remedy Order. It is a legally binding ‘watertight’ financial settlement – agreed consensually and put before the Court for approval. If the case is contested, the Court can impose the order.

There have been many cases where, years after they have divorced, applicants have been successful in making a financial claim against their former spouse. A settlement agreement will protect your interests now and will protect you from your spouse claiming any future inheritance, assets or windfall.

How long does a divorce financial settlement take?

A financial divorce settlement usually takes between 9–12 months.

How can our divorce financial settlement solicitors help?

Each family is unique, and at your initial consultation, we will discuss your circumstances and identify what is most important to you and your desired outcome.  

We will advise you on the law and how best to achieve your desired outcomes. We must review this if you have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

The breadth of experience in our team means that we offer the full range of options to obtain your divorce settlement, including:

  • Mediation
  • Collaborative law
  • Arbitration
  • Central Family Court, High Court, County Court, Supreme Court
  • Private FDRs
  • Lawyer led negotiations

Whatever forum you choose, you can rest assured that we will negotiate vigorously on your behalf.  If the divorce does proceed to court, our highly skilled advocates will represent you robustly, and we have a track record of excellent results for our clients.


What is a consent order?

A consent order is a financial remedy order. It is a legally binding document reflecting what you and your former spouse have agreed regarding the financial settlement of the matrimonial assets.  The court makes the order and will permanently sever financial ties between spouses, save for any ongoing obligation as stipulated in the consent order, such as maintenance.  

Consent orders provide spouses with clarity and certainty in relation to the division of assets.  They also remove any future risk of your former spouse making an application to the court seeking more of your assets. 

Where parties contest finances, the Court will impose a financial remedy order. 

What comes first divorce or financial settlement?

The financial settlement can be agreed upon before or after your divorce has been finalised. In the UK, it is common for the financial settlement to be negotiated and agreed upon before the divorce is finalised. This is because the financial settlement is an important aspect of the divorce process, and it is usually in the best interest of both parties to reach an agreement on financial matters before the divorce is finalised.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own, they may seek the assistance of a mediator or divorce solicitor. In some cases, the court may need to make a decision on the financial settlement, but this is usually a last resort and is only necessary if the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own or with the assistance of a mediator.

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