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Our traumatic brain injury lawyers are here to help individuals who have suffered a traumatic head and brain injury. We specialise in helping people who have suffered a brain injury following an accident at work, on the road or any other accident. Find out more about our lawyers and how we can help.

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  • “This is a really excellent personal injury team that can be regarded as one of the major players in the London claimant personal injury market.”

  • “They punch well above their weight. The quality of service they provide equals that of any of the larger top-name firms in this area.”

Supporting people with brain injuries

We have helped countless people who have suffered a brain injury following an accident. We know the devastation this can have on lives and families. We also know that there are many organisations that work tirelessly on behalf of those living with a brain injury. Osbornes Law are proud to be supporters of and approved lawyers of Headway, Headway East London and The Brain Injury Group.

If you have suffered a brain injury as a result of improper care by medical professionals, you can find out more about how we can help here.

Have the best brain injury claims team on your side

At Osbornes Law, one of our primary areas of practice is head and brain injury litigation. Our expert team has over 45 years of experience in this area, and has secured some of England’s largest compensation settlements.

Head and brain trauma can be very serious or even fatal. These injuries often have a profound effect on speech, memory and other cognitive abilities. While many people go on to make a full recovery, some experience significant lifestyle and employment challenges that last a lifetime.

Our aim is to ensure your long term recovery. To help us do this, when necessary, we will instruct medical experts who can advise on the longer-term effects of your injury. Our lawyers will then work hard to get you early or interim payments to cover your rehabilitation expenses. In addition to securing you a financial package, our job is to make sure you have access to the best therapists and care providers to help rebuild your quality of life.

For expert advice or to start your claim, please call our specialist brain injury solicitors today.

Our head and brain injury solicitors come recommended

Not only do we have over 45 years of experience in securing millions of pounds of compensation for seriously brain-injured clients, we also have the sensitivity to handle your case with great compassion and care. Independent legal guides consistently rank us among the best head and brain injury claims lawyers in the country. Our lawyers are also specifically accredited by APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) for their expertise in brain injury claims.

Working alongside our leading brain injury lawyers, we have other specialist solicitors who can help set up powers of attorney, wills and trusts to manage your compensation so it is there for you in the future. We usually settle claims on a no-win, no fee basis, so you’ll only have to pay us in the event that we win.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation on your case. You’re free to just ask us for advice. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Advice From A Specialist Brain Injury Lawyer

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    • Rob Aylott is adept at handling sensitive and complex catastrophic injury claims. He offers a particular specialism in amputation claims.

      Chambers UK 2023

    • "Osbornes always provides work of excellent quality and the advice is sound."

      Chambers UK 2023

    • "The firm has the ability to handle the most sophisticated and complex matters."

      Chambers UK 2023

    • "Osbornes is always client-focused and works tirelessly to obtain the best outcomes."

      Chambers UK 2023

    • "Rob Aylott is adept at handling sensitive and complex catastrophic injury claims. He offers a particular specialism in amputation claims."

      Chambers UK 2023

    • Ben Posford leads the catastrophic injury team and regularly represents claimants in neurological injury and fatal accident claims. He also has a niche specialism in claims involving cauda equina syndrome.

      Chambers UK 2023

    • Stuart Kightley regularly handles cases involving brain injuries, fatal accidents, cycling collisions and workplace accidents.

      Chambers UK 2023

    • Stephanie Prior is head of the clinical negligence department at Osbornes Law. She acts on a wide range of issues, including claims for brain injuries sustained at birth and delays in diagnosis. She frequently represents clients in fatal claims involving surgical error.

      Chambers UK 2023

    • Sophie Davies specialises in brain injury and lower limb amputation cases.

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Sam Collard is recognised for his talent in complex brain and amputation claims, developing strength particularly in quantum issues and sporting injuries and accidents."

      Chambers UK 2023

    • 'The team deals with multi-million pound, often multifaceted claims, involving such factors as severe brain, psychiatric, gynaecological and spinal injury, major trauma, amputation and fatality.'

      Legal 500 2023

    • "They are a boutique firm with highly experienced partners who are well-respected in the industry."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "The team at Osbornes deals with catastrophic injury claims with the same professionalism as the largest firms, but provides a much more client-focused experience."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "A really first-rate team, well capable of dealing with the most serious and complex injuries."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "This team has carved out an exceptional reputation in catastrophic injury work."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Osbornes has impressed me with their personal touch for clients whilst offering a first-class handling of catastrophic injury claims. The partners all have vast experience and are highly respected in their field."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Ben Posford is a pre-eminent solicitor in the field of very high-value catastrophic injury claims."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Ben Posford is a great tactician, a great negotiator and generally, the man you want on your side when dealing with serious personal injury work."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Ben Posford is a top-class litigator. He knows everything there is to know about catastrophic injury and major disaster litigation."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "This is a really excellent personal injury team that can be regarded as one of the major players in the London claimant personal injury market."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Osbornes have managed to recruit a team of outstanding catastrophic injury lawyers who are at the top of the game."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Ben Posford has his finger on the pulse as one of the leading catastrophic injury lawyers in the country, dealing with some of the highest profile cases."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "They punch well above their weight. The quality of service they provide equals that of any of the larger top-name firms in this area"

      Chambers UK 2022

    • A niche firm that punches well above its weight in the catastrophic injury sector, borne out by the quality of work they obtain.

      Legal 500 2022

    • Ben Posford is one of London’s best catastrophic injury lawyers, in my view. He is a real brain injury specialist.

      Legal 500 2022

    • Excellent coverage of personal injury, and traumatic brain injury. There is a real specialism in claimants who do not speak English as a first language.

      Legal 500 2022

    • The group is noted for its expertise in matters relating to cycling injuries, and is the official legal partner of the London Cycling Campaign charity.

      Legal 500 2022

    • "A small but high-powered team, dealing with cases of significant value and complexity."

      Legal 500 2021

    • "An excellent firm which achieves fantastic outcomes for clients."

      Legal 500 2021

    • "Ben Posford is a hugely experienced solicitor who approaches his cases with confidence and realism."

    • "Osbornes Law have captured the magic of keeping the customer service levels of a smaller firm whilst having all the expertise and power of the biggest firms."

    • "A superb boutique catastrophic injury firm."

      Legal 500 2021

    • "Really good at dealing with people who have suffered a serious injury."

      Chambers UK 2021

    • "Affable and charming with very good client-handling skills."

      Chambers UK 2021

    • "superb firm with consummate professionals and a human touch."

      Chambers UK 2021

    • Osbornes now has a team of highly experienced personal injury lawyers; particularly strong on high-value quantum cases, workplace accidents and claims involving foreign workers injured in the UK.

      Legal 500 2020 - Personal Injury

    • The team provides fantastic strength-in-depth for personal injury claims. It is also particularly well placed to service clients from Eastern Europe with specialist native language speakers. From the smallest case to a multimillion-pound spinal injury case, Osbornes has the right staff to manage every claim.

      Legal 500 2020 - Personal Injury

    • Ben Posford remains pre-eminent in his field with expert understanding of litigating cases of the upmost severity. His experience builds on Stuart Kightley’s running of the firm with recent partner additions of Rob Aylott making a fantastic addition.

      Legal 500 2020 - Personal Injury

    • A firm going from strength-to strength-which retains its client care whilst being able to offer a full personal injury service.

      Legal 500 2020 - Personal Injury

    • Beneath Ben Posford’s calm and reassuring presence, which clients love, lies a formidable tactical and legal brain. His experience tells and he gets it right at every stage of the process from arranging the best possible rehabilitation, to ensuring, so far as possible, a polite relationship with those acting for the defendant in order to ensure best and early resolution of the claim.

      Legal 500

    • "Rob Aylott is a top-class litigator who has an unrivalled knowledge of catastrophic personal injury. A ferocious eye for detail means that quantum claims are always maximised and every angle analysed in liability cases."

      Legal 500 2020

    • "Clients say he is very impressive, in terms of both his experience and his management of the personal injury team."

      Chambers UK

    • "They have an expanding profile in personal injury and clinical negligence and offer a superb, broad service in accidents abroad, enabled by their recruitment of bilingual legal executives who can guide non-English speakers through complex litigation."

      Chambers & Partners Directory 2020, Personal Injury

    • "Solid personal injury practice well equipped to advise on high-value and high-profile claims arising from fatalities and severe head and spinal injuries."

      Chambers UK

    • "Offers specialist expertise in cycling-related injury claims."

      Chambers UK

    • "Offers specialist expertise in cauda equina syndrome cases."

      Chambers UK

    • "An exceptional outfit. They take on difficult cases, fight hard and win."

      Chambers UK

    • "Stuart Kightley is an incredibly empathetic solicitor who is very knowledgeable about traumatic brain injury."

      Chambers UK

    • "They are an outstanding firm to work with. They are consistently impressive in their work."

      Chambers UK

    • "Osbornes often handles claims valued at over £1m, particularly relating to severe brain and spinal cord injuries and niche areas such as cauda equina syndrome and cycling accidents."

      The Legal 500

    • "The hard-working, thorough and committed Robert Aylott, who brings significant heavyweight personal injury experience."

      Legal 500 2019

    • "Key team members include the energetic and personable Stuart Kightley who is head of the personal injury department."

      The Legal 500

    • "Osbornes has a growing influence and impressive work load and is gaining a reputation for handling complex catastrophic work."

      The Legal 500

    • "Catastrophic injury cases head Ben Posford is an excellent practical litigator who offers exceptional service."

      The Legal 500

    • "Stuart is also very experienced in advising on fatal accidents and workplace accidents."

      Chambers UK

    • "Stephanie Prior... manages a varied caseload, including obstetric claims, child and adult brain injury cases and fatal and non-fatal spinal cord injury cases."

      Chambers UK

    • Thank you for the hard work and patience and for being so patient with my constant questions.

      Personal Injury Client

    • "I have found Osbornes to be thorough, clear and understanding from the initial call. They do exactly what they say they will and with passion! I would recommend them to anyone".

      Client Review

    • Very good efficient service. Would not hesitate to use again.

      Personal Injury Client

    • I will use Osbornes for any future needs.

      Personal Injury Client

    • I don't think I could have asked for anything more. One of the best dealings I've had with the legal profession.

      Personal Injury Client

    • Sam was excellent and very professional in dealing with our claim.

      Personal Injury Client

    • Head of the personal injury department, Stuart Kightley is a first-rate practitioner, wholly focused on getting his client the best outcome in a pragmatic, sensible and consensual manner.

      Chambers UK

    • As a real specialist in spinal cord injuries, Ben Posford is always looking at new angles on how to maximise his cases.

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    • Ben Posford is one of the best catastrophic injury lawyers around.

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    • They provide exceptional service, great knowledge and understanding of the law, excellent client care and tactical nous

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    • Ben Posford is 'exceptional and a real expert in the field of catastrophic injury'.

      Legal 500

    • Stuart Kightley is praised for his expertise in catastrophic and fatal claims. Clients say he is very impressive, in terms of both his experience and his management of the personal injury team.

      Chambers UK

    • My claim was dealt with efficiently and professionally. Communication was excellent, and timely. Shrewd and sound advice was provided at every stage of the claim from beginning through to completion. On the basis of my personal experience I would strongly recommend Osbornes.

      Personal Injury Department Client

    • I just wish to thank you for your hard work and successful outcome. I am pleased with the result and would recommend you and your firm to anyone in the future.

      Personal injury department client

    • Ben Posford … is ‘tactically astute’ and ‘one of the best personal injury solicitors around’.

      Legal 500

    • Ben Posford ‘knows how to maximise the value of the claim for his clients’.

      Legal 500

    • "Ben Posford is singled out for his expertise in high-level catastrophic claims, particularly his handling of devastating brain and spinal injuries"

      Chambers UK

    Head & Brain Injury FAQs

    What are the stages of making a head or brain injury claim?

    1. Investigation
    2. Dialogue with opponent and arrangement of interim payments
    3. Rehabilitation and support
    4. Medical assessment into the severity of the brain injury
    5. Other expert evidence
    6. Compensation calculation
    7. Claim settlement or court proceedings

    What are the different types of brain injury claims?

    The brain injury association Headway classifies brain injuries as traumatic or acquired: 

    • A traumatic brain injury is caused by a blow to the head. There are many possible causes, such as a car crash, sporting accident or a fall from height. Injuries may range from a mild concussion to damage that is more wide-ranging and long-lasting, depending on the location, type and severity of the injury. 
    • An acquired brain injury is one that has been there since birth. You may have a claim for compensation if the acquired brain injury was caused by a birth or pregnancy mistake.

    How do I make a brain injury claim?

    The most important step is to contact us as soon as possible. Brain-injured persons often face a range of expenses, from private therapy costs to loss of earnings if they are not able to work. If we are able to build your case early, and show that the defendant is likely to be found liable for your injury, then we can apply to have part of your compensation paid upfront. Early payments can help you access the specialist treatment you need to make the best recovery possible.

    You must meet certain criteria to bring a claim. For example, there must be a defendant who owed you a duty of care, and we must be able to prove that the accident caused your brain injury. 

    Please contact our brain injury specialists for a free initial consultation. We’re excellent listeners, and someone on our team will be happy to assess your claim and advise you how we can help and what you need to do next.

    How long do I have to make a claim?

    You usually have three years to start your claim after a head or brain injury. If the injured person is a child, then you can bring a claim any time before the child turns 21.

    Some of our brain-injured clients are considered Protected Parties. This means they have lost mental capacity to manage the litigation themselves. There’s no time limit to bring a claim if you are mentally incapacitated so, in practical terms, a family member can claim on behalf of a protected loved one many years after the accident. 

    However, even if you think you have plenty of time to bring the claim, it’s best to contact us as soon as possible. Your case turns on the evidence, and you stand a better chance of success if your solicitor is able to speak to witnesses while their memories are still fresh.

    Who will my brain injury claim be against?

    The claim is brought against the person who is responsible for causing your injuries. For example, the defendant could be: 

    • The driver of the vehicle you collided with
    • A local authority, if you slipped and fell in a public place
    • An employer, if you had an accident at work 
    • An NHS Trust, where the injury was caused by birth asphyxiation 
    • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, if your injuries were caused in a criminal attack

    We can determine where responsibility for the accident lies as we build and shape your claim.

    What is the average compensation amount for head and brain injury claims?

    A financial award can only ever go so far in respect of truly compensating a person who has suffered a serious brain injury. However, the Courts work on the essential principle that compensation should put you in the position you would have been in had the injury not occurred.

    In practical terms, this means that you will be compensated for:

    • Loss of earnings if you had time off work 
    • Future loss of earnings if you cannot return to work at all, or need to work in a reduced capacity 
    • Private medical costs, such as follow-up scans and outpatient appointments 
    • Rehabilitation expenses, such as physiotherapy and speech therapy
    • Care packages, where support is needed to help with daily living tasks 
    • Special adaptations to your home or car to accommodate your new needs 
    • Travel expenses for your trips to attend therapy and medical appointments
    • Pain and suffering caused by the injury – the more serious your injury, the higher the compensation
    • Loss of amenity, which relates to how your quality of life has been affected by the brain injury, such as the loss of hobbies or sports

    As you can imagine, there is no average compensation for brain injury claims. Factors such as someone’s age, career, the severity of their injuries and their long-term care needs will all affect the value of the claim. 

    The advantage of using a specialist brain injury solicitor like Osbornes Law is that we have expert knowledge of this type of injury. We will value your claim accurately to ensure you get the compensation you need to protect your future.

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