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Specialist Family Mediators London

The family mediation process helps you to explore finding solutions to all issues surrounding separation and divorce in a constructive and supportive way. Osbornes Law has a team of specialist and experienced mediators. Find out more about the mediation process and our mediators below.

  • “Lisa Pepper’s mediation practice is absolutely brilliant. Real value delivered with expert knowledge. Lisa is a first rate mediator.”

  • “She fully understands how complex financial disputes work and is well versed in dealing with individuals of high net worth… She is full of insight and is very creative in her solutions.”

  • David Leadercramer maintains his strong reputation as a highly effective mediator…he is really experienced and wise. He has a lovely manner about him and clients feel safe with him.

Specialist family mediators

Mediations are held in a safe environment; with choice, impartiality, confidentiality & decision making to you both, rather than an outcome imposed on you by a Judge, who doesn’t know you or your family.  Family mediation is also cheaper and quicker than the court process.

Why choose the mediation team at Osbornes Law?

  • Six of our leading family partners – Bridget Thompson, Lisa Pepper,  David Leadercramer, Andrew Watson, Martin Ross and Mark Freedman are Resolution Trained Lawyer Mediators.
  • Lisa Pepper is ranked in Chambers UK as a leading family mediator in London specialising in HNW cases where there are significant international assets.
  • David Leadercramer and Lisa Pepper are also ranked in the the Legal 500 as being leading family mediators in London
  • Bridget Thompson, Head of Family Law, is also trained to handle child inclusive mediation expert. These involve children meeting independently with our specially trained mediator to enable them to voice any concerns they may have; identify what is important to them and help parents with the development of arrangements that meet the specific needs of their children.
  • Bridget and Lisa Pepper are also able to conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs).
  • David Leadercramer is a qualified Arbitrator.

Our mediators charge £400 (plus VAT) for a one and a half hour session.

Lisa Pepper, Bridget Thompson and Andrew Watson are members of the Family Mediation Council (FMC). The FMC is a not for profit organisation that maintains a professional register of family mediators. All FMC Registered Mediators are trained to the Councils set standard and follow the FMC’s Code of Practice.

  • The Osbornes mediation team is excellent and has some good individuals.

    Legal 500 2022

  • Lisa Pepper is one of our go-to mediators. She provides a practical service, supporting clients to conclusion.

    Legal 500 2022

  • Lisa Pepper is one of my go to mediators. Her calm, collected attitude and friendly persona allow clients to trust her and open up to her. Excellent service and top level advice.

    Legal 500 2022

  • Lisa Pepper – very down to earth and approachable.

    Legal 500 2022

  • Lisa Pepper is a talented lawyer and we regularly refer to her for mediation

    Legal 500 2022

  • "Lisa Pepper is an outstanding mediator. She is very skilled and has an empathetic and professional approach which is comforting for clients. She never imposes her own view but is even handed and provides helpful guidance to clients so that they can make empowered decisions"

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Lisa Pepper has built up a very impressive mediation practice. She is very engaging and easy to relate to. She embodies mediation in the sense that she approaches her case in a very non-judgmental fashion and can quickly gain the confidence of those with whom she is mediating"

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Lisa Pepper is a brilliant mediator who produces results. She is effective at resolving matters without the need for the parties to engage in expensive and protracted litigation"

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Lisa Pepper is a fantastic mediator. She is fair, robust when she needs to be, and finds a way of facilitating agreements in the hardest of cases. Her guidance is spot on. She has an approachable and constructive mediation style"

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Lisa can handle the large and complicated cases but takes equal care with the smaller cases. She is a highly skilled mediator who is a consummate professional."

    The Legal 500

  • Lisa Pepper is a skilled collaborative lawyer. Her instinct is always to resolve matters without compromising her clients’ interests.

    Legal 500

  • Highly regarded for his experience as a litigation and mediation expertise, Mark Freedman is tenacious and determined. Clients really feel that he is fighting their corner.

    Chambers UK

  • Lisa Pepper is a noted collaborative lawyer, and recently acted successfully on a client's leave to remove application to Australia.

    Legal 500

Family Mediation FAQs

What is mediation?

Mediation is where you and your partner will have meetings with a Mediator to discuss whatever aspects of your case you cannot agree on: whether that is financial arrangements, care of the children or both.  The negotiations are Without Prejudice.  This allows you both to make proposals, discuss options and offer compromises without the fear that these suggestions will be repeated in Court, should you be unable to reach agreement.  Having said that, when discussing matters concerning children, such negotiations are never Without Prejudice.

What can I expect from a mediation session?

In our role as Mediators we are neutral and we will not take sides. We are there to facilitate discussions.  Generally Mediators cannot give advice to either of you. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice during the  mediation process. However, as Resolution trained lawyer mediators we can provide general legal information to both of you within the mediation if this is appropriate.

When should family mediation be used?

Mediation should be considered as an option when the parties have a genuine desire to settle their dispute. It is also useful when parties are likely to remain in contact with each other after the dispute is resolved.

How to contact our mediators

Mediation is a unique process for our clients who jointly instruct the mediator. For this reason, please do not spend time completing our online enquiry form, call us to discuss your situation with our divorce mediation team.


Family Mediation Accreditations

Family Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

It is compulsory for the majority of couples seeking a divorce or separation to attend a MIAM, the aim of which is to ascertain whether mediation is appropriate in your circumstances.

At a MIAM, Bridget or Lisa will speak to you briefly about the process to ensure you understand how it works. They will then contact your partner and have the same conversation with them. Sometimes this is face to face and sometimes on the telephone.  If your partner refuses to engage with the discussion, or tells us they do not wish to mediate, we can then sign your Application to commence the court process.

Bridget and Lisa charge £250+ VAT for a MIAM.

COVID-19: Family mediation available remotely

The mediation process is still open to those seeking resolution of separation and divorce issues.

How does remote mediation work?

Our team of mediators at Osbornes Law will use Zoom which will allow the mediator to bring people together in a virtual meeting room and/or speak to you individually in separate rooms. Only the participants to the mediation and those who have signed an agreement to mediate will be present.

To explore this route, please call us for a confidential discussion or email our Family Mediation Team

What technology do you need?

Any device can be used – a computer tablet, smartphone. What is important is a reliable internet connection. This can be tested beforehand

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