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Lisa Pepper gave me clear, level-headed and sensible advice during her handling of my divorce, and she demonstrated excellent understanding of the relevant law. She was on my side but fair and pragmatic, and her advice was always given with an eye to what was both equitable and achievable, and in line with the collaborative approach I’d wanted.

Client Testimonial - Lisa Pepper

Lisa Pepper

“Clients absolutely love her; she’s very approachable, asks the right questions and has very good judgement.”Chambers UK 2017

Lisa has worked with Osbornes for over 13 years, making Partner in 2009.  She has built up a wealth of experience in family law, her sole area of practice, and has excellent relationships with the very best family law barristers in London.  She’s a realistic, responsive and endlessly upbeat practitioner with empathy and vision who cares immensely about her clients.

Lisa is available for meetings in Hampstead and Camden.

Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolutions

Lisa always aims to obtain a Decree Absolute on divorce or dissolve a civil partnership as smoothly as possible. She is skilled at establishing a rapport with the other lawyer in a case and strongly believes the best approach lies in constructive dialogue, wherever possible.

‘She explained the law clearly and was very personable.  She definitely made the process easier to bear and I trusted her advice.’ Family client

Financial Settlements on Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolutions

Lisa has vast experience in negotiating such financial settlements. She has utmost respect for the trust clients place in her and gets to know each one well, in order to fully appreciate what they want to achieve. Always down-to-earth, she clearly explains the law and likely outcomes so her clients feel informed and supported.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution (DR)

Lisa is a very experienced and respected mediator.  She is one of only eight Family Lawyers in London recommended in Chambers & Partners 2020 in their new DR category.  Lisa brings those negotiation skills to every case she is involved in.

Court Hearings

When court is necessary to ensure a fair financial outcome, Lisa has the expertise and tenacity to guide you through the entire process.  She attends hearings, drafts witness statements, advises on strategy and counsels how best to deal with arising issues from a practical and legal point of view.

‘Lisa Pepper, Andy Watson and their teams have helped me through two very difficult episodes in my otherwise calm life. They achieved better than expected outcomes in both cases. These are the kind of people you want to have on your side.’ – Family client

Disagreements over Child-related Contact and Living Arrangements

When children are involved, Lisa is extremely adept at negotiating care arrangements. Straight talking and approachable, she gives clients an honest view on whether the court will find their proposals reasonable and in a child’s best interests.

In her experience, such disputes are best resolved through negotiation, rather than a lengthy court process which takes the decision out of both parents’ hands. That said, she is practiced at running cases where clients cannot compromise and court is necessary.  Lisa has also handled a number of successful ‘leave to remove’ cases where one parent wanted to move overseas with the children.

“Lisa worked very hard to make this a painless process.”  Family client

If a dispute can be solved outside of court via the cheaper process of mediation, Lisa is your woman. A skilled and sensitive mediator, she has a high success rate working with separating couples who wish to settle without heading to court or incurring the cost that involves.  Lisa works tirelessly to provide a high-value service, which is why many law firms across London recommend her.

Property Ownership Disputes

When unmarried couples (or others who co-own a property) disagree about their respective shares, Lisa advises on the strengths and weaknesses in your case, what the court would do, and tries to reach an early settlement if possible.  If one party won’t negotiate reasonably, court is the next step and Lisa is fully aware that the best chance of success lies in preparing a strong winnable case from the outset.

Separation Agreements

For couples who don’t feel ready for divorce, Lisa can help you negotiate a properly drafted, binding separation agreement.  It’s important to get the right advice so you reach a fair financial agreement and don’t accept far less than you may receive in a divorce.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

If you’re contemplating a pre-nuptial agreement, an early meeting with Lisa can help you think through issues you may not have considered.

Times Best Law Firm

Osbornes Law was awarded the Times Best Law Firm 2020 this year and Lisa was recognised for her work “…divorce lawyer Lisa Pepper, who recently won a case for a client who wanted to move to Australia with her child after a split with the father. Pepper also represented a high-profile media industry figure who wanted to keep his personal affairs out of court, negotiating a financial settlement and shared childcare arrangements away from the public eye.”

Career Highlights

  • Lisa acted for the mother in the MB vs. KB case, in which a court clarified that a parent (in this case the father) never gets a ‘clean break’ from their child. The High Court Judge stated that the flesh-and-blood link means the wider family must maintain a measure of responsibility for the child.
  • Many years ago, Lisa acted on a case very similar to 2015’s landmark Vince vs. Wyatt where she obtained a financial settlement for a wife ten years after Decree Absolute, proving that Decree Absolute is not a clean break.
  • Lisa won a case for a mother who had a shared care arrangement in place and wanted to emigrate to Australia with the child.
  • Lisa recently acted for a successful media industry businessman who wished to keep his personal affairs out of court. She negotiated a financial divorce settlement with his wife and the case was concluded without either setting foot in court. The client kept his family intact and he and his wife agreed a shared care arrangement untainted by the financial negotiations.

The Times Best Law Firm 2020

Osbornes Law was awarded the Times Best Law Firm 2020 this year and Lisa was recognised for her work “…divorce lawyer Lisa Pepper, who recently won a case for a client who wanted to move to Australia with her child after a split with the father. Pepper also represented a high-profile media industry figure who wanted to keep his personal affairs out of court, negotiating a financial settlement and shared childcare arrangements away from the public eye.”

Legal 500 

Lisa Pepper is a fantastic mediator. She is fair, robust when she needs to be, and finds a way of facilitating agreements in the hardest of cases. Her guidance is spot on. She has an approachable and constructive mediation style” 2021

Lisa Pepper is a brilliant mediator who produces results. She is effective at resolving matters without the need for the parties to engage in expensive and protracted litigation” 2021

‘Lisa Pepper is extremely approachable and this shines through in the outcomes she achieves from mediation. She makes clients feel at ease, which enables them to feel empowered to resolve matters amicably and find a creative outcome which many mediators may have overlooked.’ 2020

‘Lisa Pepper is building a very strong mediation practice at very competitive rates and is able to build a rapport quickly with almost anyone.’ 2020

“Clients ‘really have faith’ in Lisa Pepper.” 2017

“Lisa Pepper is a skilled collaborative lawyer. Her instinct is always to resolve matters without compromising her clients’ interests.” 2015

Lisa Pepper is a noted collaborative lawyer, and recently acted successfully on a client’s leave to remove application to Australia. 2014

Chambers and Partners 

“One of the most amiable, friendly and talented lawyers in London. A shining example of dispute resolution at its best. “Her mediation practice is exceptional; she is also a great solicitor and has a breadth of skill which is really useful.” “She has impressed me as someone who fights my corner but also understands the importance of resolving issues without unnecessary escalation. She is calm and reassuring.” 2021

“Lisa Pepper has built up a very impressive mediation practice. She is very engaging and easy to relate to. She embodies mediation in the sense that she approaches her case in a very non-judgmental fashion and can quickly gain the confidence of those with whom she is mediating” 2020

Lisa Pepper is an outstanding mediator. She is very skilled and has an empathetic and professional approach which is comforting for clients. She never imposes her own view but is even handed and provides helpful guidance to clients so that they can make empowered decisions” 2019

“Lisa Pepper was recommended to me as non-nonsense and able to help me with a difficult and confrontational divorce. She more than lived up to that – she was practical, collected and always available with a clear opinion and suggestions of how to move forwards. She also was open and helpful about costs and how to mitigate them” 2019

“She’s sensible, approachable and no-nonsense. You can have a disagreement with her without having a row; it’s a proper dialogue.” 2018

Lisa Pepper is always looking for a solution and has a very sympathetic approach to clients. She is highly regarded for her collaborative law practice.” 2016

Lisa Pepper deals with separation proceedings and leave to remove cases. Sources describe her as “a great person to work with: constructive, helpful” 2015

Lisa Pepper is “incredibly constructive and an asset to the firm.” 2014



Lisa is very well respected by her peers. Here’s what other family law solicitors and barristers have to say about her:



Spears Magazine May/June 2019

This is Money – Divorce Law – April 2020 

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