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19 Oct 2022 | Sophie Davies
cyclist in camden, london

IT Worker Receives £40,000 Following Cycle Accident

An IT worker was hit whilst commuting by a car turning right across his path while cycling straight ahead in a cycle lane. He suffered injuries to his shoulder, elbow and wrist. He would experience long-term problems as a result. The personal injury claim settled for £40,000.

Successful Businessman Awarded £x000,000 Damages For Severe Brain Injury

Our client was a successful businessman when he was knocked to the ground. He suffered various fractures and internal injuries. The most severe injury was a traumatic head injury which left him with a diffuse axonal brain injury.

Following rehabilitation our client did retain mental capacity, however, the changes to his behaviour meant that he could no longer continue his lucrative career.

Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is the tearing of the brain’s long connecting nerve fibres that happens when the brain rapidly shifts inside the skull. A DAI injury is difficult to diagnose, but we used the very latest brain scanning techniques to establish the presence of this injury. Had this not been diagnosed the settlement would not have been commensurate to the injury. We were able to achieve a seven-figure settlement plan for our client.

Cyclist Receives £6,000 For Neck And Back Injuries

Our client hit his bicycle brakes as he approached queuing traffic. As he was doing this he was passing a side road to his left. A vehicle travelling in the opposite direction failed to see our client as he attempted to turn right into the same side road. He drove straight into our client, knocking him to the ground.

Our client suffered multiple injuries, the most serious being injuries to his neck. Medical reports were sought to corroborate this. Liability was admitted by the driver’s insurance company. A further medical report was commissioned by us to prove that the injury had not healed as quickly as was initially thought. The case settled for a lump sum of over £6000, which included compensation for the travel costs he incurred whilst recovering from his injuries.

Compensation of £335,000 For Fatal Hit and Run Accident

A newlywed Hungarian National was killed in a “hit and run” road accident. A speeding driver mowed down and killed a female cyclist who was on her way home from work in the early hours of the morning. The driver was going more than 50mph in a 20 mph zone as he attempted to overtake another car and hit the cyclist head-on following a late shift. The driver smashed into her bicycle so hard it broke in two and then left her dying by the roadside as he sped off and dumped the car. The female cyclist tragically died from multiple injuries. The driver was jailed for 6 years.

Cyclist Hit While Riding In A Cycling Lane

Our client was riding in a cycling lane when the passenger door of a stationary car suddenly opened into his path. He was knocked off his bike and suffered several injuries, the worst being a forearm fracture which required surgical plating. In this case, the surgery failed to unite the fracture and he will need to undergo more surgery including bone grafting.

Cyclist Injured on East London Road Receives £12,000

Our client was injured on an East London road when a car pulled out of a parked position into his path as the driver tried to turn her vehicle around. Our client suffered a fracture to his right shoulder blade which was functional within one year but would take two years to recover fully. Damages were settled at £11,781.98 including £2,900 for the Claimant’s bicycle damage and £400 for his loss of opportunity to enjoy his summer holiday and daughter’s birthday.

Seven-Figure Claim Against Local Authority

Our client came off his bicycle whilst on a cycle path. This was after a large stone became lodged in his front wheel. The local authority responsible for the cycle path is contesting liability and High Court proceedings have been issued Our client is undergoing intense rehabilitation to overcome the effects of his brain injury. We are pursuing a seven-figure cycle accident compensation sum for our client.

Seven-Figure Award For Spinal Cord Injury

Our client was thrown off his bicycle after being hit by a lorry. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Despite footage from a camera mounted at the front of the lorry which shows the collision in full, liability is denied. Collision reconstruction experts have been instructed.

Our client is now wheelchair reliant and has required adapted accommodation as well as nursing care. This case is ongoing, however, we are pursuing a seven-figure cycle accident compensation settlement.

Bicycle Accident Claim Against Uber Driver

A cyclist has been awarded £7,000 following a road accident in which she was knocked off her bike by an Uber driver whose insurers admitted liability and made a very early settlement offer of just over £1,300. They put pressure on the cyclist by sending the offer directly to their home address. Andrew Middlehurst, a specialist cycling solicitor, advised the cyclist that it was likely that they could beat this offer if they obtained medical evidence. Medical reports were obtained following ultrasound investigations and physiotherapy treatment. The medical reports were then disclosed and the claim was settled for over £7000.

A Cyclist from South London Receives £25,000

A cyclist was travelling near Blackheath in London on his way to work when he was involved in a road accident. A car that failed to give way to him struck him on a roundabout. He suffered multiple dental injuries and a fractured toe. The case settled for £25,000.

Music Teacher Hit By Bus While Cycling to Work

A music teacher was cycling in traffic on his way to work. A bus changed lanes and drove into the back of his bike. The client suffered a fractured hip in the accident. Initially, the case was rejected by another law firm so he contacted the personal injury team at Osbornes Law. His case settled for £20,000.

Cyclist Awarded £30,000 Damages After Being Hit By A Van

The accident occurred when our client had been cycling along the main road when a van pulled straight out of a side road colliding with her. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a significant fracture to her ankle, fractured toes and psychological injuries. The fracture to her ankle required surgery within the same week of the accident and an extensive course of physiotherapy thereafter, the costs of which were included as part of the claim and funded by the defendant’s insurer.

Spanish Cyclist Receives Compensation for South London Bike Accident

Blanca Diego, a bicycle accident solicitor in the Osbornes Personal Injury Team, settled a claim for a 25-year-old Spanish cyclist who was involved in a road accident in South London. Our client was cycling along a main road when she was hit by a van. The defendant was travelling from the opposite direction and turned right across our client’s path knocking her off her bicycle, resulting in her being thrown over the handlebars and landing on the floor.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained dental injuries, post-concussion syndrome, a sprain of the right knee and soft tissue injuries to her right wrist, leg and face, including a small laceration to the lip. The Defendant’s insurer admitted liability within three weeks and our client received £18,870.

Family of Cyclist Killed By Speeding Driver In Essex Awarded £350,000

Osbornes Law have helped the family of a cyclist who was killed on the road, bring a civil claim for damages. Our client, who lived in Essex, was cycling home after completing a night shift at work. He was tragically killed by a speeding driver. Despite the best efforts of the paramedics who attended the accident, our client was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cyclist Awarded £32,500 For Dental Injuries

We settled a cycling accident claim in which a cyclist was followed by an aggressive driver. The Defendant overtook our client in a reckless manner and immediately slammed on the brakes, coming to a complete stop. As a result, our client collided with the rear of the Defendant’s vehicle.

Our client sustained dental injuries, soft tissue injuries affecting the neck, lower back, torso, left shoulder, right buttock and hip areas, post-concussional syndrome and permanent scars to the upper lip and left clavicle. In March 2019, the Defendant was convicted at Guildford Magistrates Court for failing to report an accident. The case settled for £32,500, including future dental treatment for life and surgery to improve the lip scarring.

‘Beer Bike’ Collision With Cyclist Causing Significant Dental Injuries

Our client was using a hire scheme bike and was hit and then dragged along by a ‘Beer Bike’. Our client suffered significant dental injuries and had to seek emergency treatment.

The Beer Bike operators allowed riders to drink alcohol on board while pedalling on public roads touring famous London landmarks. Our client had been using a cycle path when the Beer Bike swerved in front of him. It continued to move erratically so our client overtook it. As they did so the Beer Bike occupants were said to have accelerated into our client as they turned across a road junction.

Liability was dealt with by the solicitors for the Beer Bike operators after Osbornes secured CCTV footage from a nearby pub. One of our client’s front teeth was lost and others were damaged. Medical evidence was collected and significant dental treatment was recommended including a tooth implant and root canal treatment. The future costs of replacing the implant for the rest of the client’s life were factored into negotiations and the case ultimately settled for a sum in the region of £30,000.

Cycle Lane Accident Settles For £25,000

We settled a case and recovered damages for injuries sustained by a cyclist who was struck by a car while using a cycle lane. Our client had been proceeding straight ahead in a cycle lane past a minor road when a car emerged from a minor road on the opposite side of the road and crossed the cycle lane without giving way. The driver had said their vision was obscured by a large vehicle but had proceeded across the cycle lane anyway.

The cyclist suffered a significant laceration to their face, exposing the bone beneath and required a large number of stitches to close the wound. The laceration scarred leaving permanent disfigurement and a loss of sensation. The case was settled without the need to issue court proceedings following negotiation with the representatives of the driver. The case settled for around £25,000.

£99,000 Settlement for Injured Cyclist

Mr V was knocked off his bicycle at a junction and suffered a shoulder injury that ended his career as a pastry chef. He started a degree course to retrain as a social worker and the cost of retraining was factored into his settlement, as was the potential handicap he faced in the labour market. An out-of-court settlement was reached by Osbornes Law in which Mr V received total damages of £99,000.

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