Cyclist Claims for Head Injury

11 Dec 2023 | Blanca Diego Casas
man cycling past London underground station

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Client lands on the road and hits the crown of his head

Our client was cycling on a straight road. There was a stationary vehicle on the left side of the road and when our client was around 10 feet away, the Defendant suddenly pulled out straight into the cyclist’s lane. Our client tried to swerve around the Defendant but did not manage to avoid the collision. As a result, our client landed on the road, on the crown of his head.

Helmet Prevented a Brain Injury

As a result of the impact, he suffered severe pain and felt dazed. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet which prevented a brain injury. An ambulance took him to the A&E department of a local hospital, where he had a whole-body CT scan which was normal.

Medical Assessment and Injury Details

Osbornes instructed a Consultant in Accident Emergency Medicine and an ENT Surgeon. The experts concluded that, as a result of the accident, the Claimant had sustained the following injuries:

  • a minor head injury, which should have resolved within 6 months of the accident;
  • an acute neck sprain with pain radiating to the right shoulder, which should resolve within 12 months of the accident;
  • a soft tissue injury to the lower back, which resolved after 3-4 weeks and
  • left ear tinnitus, which is permanent and of moderate severity.

The Consultant ENT Surgeon recommended a recourse of tinnitus counselling and the fitting of a masking device. Other expenses recovered for the Claimant included the bicycle repair costs, travel expenses, damaged clothing and a broken helmet.

Claim and Settlement

Our client made a first offer of £24,0000. The Defendant came back with a counteroffer of £20,116 and the matter settled for £22,152.

Head and brain injuries are a significant concern in cycling accidents in London

A study conducted at St Mary’s Hospital, London, between January 2011 and December 2015, involving cyclists admitted for serious head injuries, found that cyclists that had been wearing a helmet  were less likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, and subdural hematomas. The study highlighted the importance of wearing a helmet in reducing the severity of head injuries in cycling accidents.

The most common injuries observed were facial injuries (including broken teeth and fractured cheek bones) and skull fractures, with subarachnoid hemorrhage and contusions being the most common brain injuries. Cyclists that did not wear helmets were significantly more likely to have intracranial injury, subdural hematomas, and skull fractures.

Have you suffered a head injury due to a bike accident?

If you have suffered an injury due to a bike accident, you may be able to claim compensation. Call our specialist bicycle accident lawyers for a free consultation on 020 7485 8811.

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