Anticipated rise in cyclists: reflecting on recent Streetspace announcement

7 May 2020 | Andrew Middlehurst

I recently settled a case and recovered damages for injuries sustained by a cyclist who was struck by a car while using a cycle lane. I thought of the case again when the Mayor of London released his London Streetspace plan, yesterday, to accommodate a likely increase in cyclists once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

My client had been proceeding straight ahead in a cycle lane past a minor road when a car emerged from a minor road on the opposite side of the road and crossed the cycle lane without giving way. The driver had said their vision was obscured by a large vehicle but had proceeded across the cycle lane anyway.

The cyclist suffered a significant laceration to their face, exposing the bone beneath and required a large number of stitches to close the wound. The laceration scarred leaving a permanent disfigurement and a loss of sensation. The case was settled without the need to issue court proceedings following negotiation with the representatives for the driver.

The case, which settled for around £25,000 is an important reminder that even where cycling infrastructure is in place, such as that proposed by Sadiq Khan in his plan, cyclists are still extremely vulnerable and motorists need to ensure they always stay alert and aware of their fellow road users.

Blog post written by Andrew Middlehurst, solicitor in the Cycling Accident Claims team.

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