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Staying safe whilst cycling during the COVID-19

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Staying safe whilst cycling during the COVID-19

News article published on: 9th April 2020

We are all having to change our lifestyles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on society.

At the time of writing this blog, cycling is permitted, either as a form of transport to work for those who cannot work from home, or as a form of individual exercise.

Even if you’re cycling alone, there are still risks of coming into contact with people and there are still dangers on the road despite the reduction in traffic.


The roads are noticeably quieter in my area and this may seem brilliant at first. However I have noticed that cars are tending to travel faster given the lack of traffic and I have also experienced an increase in close passes.

The key is to continue to be vigilant and not let the clearer roads lull you into a false sense of security.

The same advice applies to being vigilant for potholes which still blight the roads!

Other Cyclists

Cycling in groups, unless you are cycling with members of your own household, is a big no-no! There are concerns that if people still continue to cycle in groups then the Government will ban cycling altogether. This has happened in other countries already and Richmond Park was closed to cyclists as a result of people failing to comply.

You should also be wary when stopping alongside other cyclists at traffic light controlled junctions or passing slower moving cyclists. Always keep a minimum of two metres from other cyclists.


There are pedestrians still around and you should ensure you maintain the two metre rule. Be aware of your distance from the kerb where individual pedestrians are looking to cross.

If you have an accident

You should as far as possible try to maintain the two metre rule. When exchanging details ask for their name, their vehicle registration and insurance details so you can make your own note. There is no harm in them sending these details to you by text message, but make sure you receive their text before they leave the scene. You could also take a photograph of their vehicle to ensure you have a quick and easy note of their registration number. Ensure somebody telephones an ambulance and the police so you can receive the treatment you need.

The blog post was written by our cycling accident team.

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