Pedestrian accident claims

19 Jun 2012

Below is a summary of the pedestrian accident claims that the personal injury specialists in the personal injury claims department at Osbornes Solicitors settled in March 2012. 

Pedestrian run over by taxi makes a successful compensation claim

Our client (WP) had her foot run over by a taxi as she crossed a busy road in central London.  The taxi did not see WP and passed so close to her that it ran over her foot.  Our client suffered nasty injuries to three of her toes, suffering fractures in her big toe and second toe and requiring surgery to fix her toes back into position with K-wire.  She was in considerable pain because of her accident for several months after the accident.

Compensation received:

After a small deduction for contributory negligence, we were able to recover £5,000 for WP.  The claim included provision for the voluntary care WP had received from her close friends and family.

Boy involved in a car accident receives compensation for severe psychological injury

Our client a 12-year-old boy stepped into the path of a car and was clipped by its wing mirror and knocked over.    He sustained a fractured wrist but the main injury was psychological.  Our client was so upset by the accident that for 5 years he was unable to travel anywhere or cross a road alone, or sleep in his room at night unaccompanied.

Compensation received:

It was agreed that the car driver was 60% at fault for the accident.  We recovered £24,500 for our client.

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