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Do I need insurance for cycling?

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Do I need insurance for cycling?

News article published on: 26th November 2019

There is no legal requirement for cyclists to hold insurance cover in order to cycle in the UK. That includes cycling on your own bike or using a bike share scheme such as Lime or the Santander Cycles in London.

There is much debate about whether this should change although there is concern that this could directly impact the number of people who take up cycling due to the added costs that would be involved.

However, I would certainly recommend that you at least consider obtaining insurance cover. I have insurance cover through my membership with the London Cycling Campaign and I find that it gives me some piece of mind while I am out on my bike.

Make sure you know what you are buying

You should read the insurance policy you want to buy carefully. Different policies will cover different risks.

You can obtain cover to protect you in the event you are involved in a collision and it is alleged you are responsible, to cover theft of your bike, to cover you on your commute or to cover you for participating in organised events.

But I am a careful cyclist – why should I bother?

A recent case involving a cyclist and a pedestrian was publicised in the newspapers. In that case a cyclist and a pedestrian collided when the pedestrian stepped out into the cyclist’s path while looking at her mobile phone. The cyclist did not have insurance and initially represented himself in civil proceedings. He was found to be at fault and incurred a significant bill as a result.

Therefore I recommend if you are going to purchase insurance you should at least consider obtaining third party cover to protect you as far as possible in the event something like this happens to you.

London Cycling Campaign members automatically get third party insurance cover as part of their membership. Consider signing up or look for an alternative policy online, there are quite a few companies who provide cover.

Blog post written by Andrew Middlehurst

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