Osbornes wins £99,000 settlement for injured cyclist

19 Jun 2012

Mr V was knocked off his bicycle at a junction and suffered a shoulder injury that ended his career as a pastry chef

The Defendant initially denied liability for the accident arguing that she was indicating to turn left and the Claimant cycled into her vehicle as she turned.

However, liability was eventually admitted just before trial and the issue of how much compensation the client should receive was then assessed.

The client, who was right-handed, sustained a serious rotator cuff tear of the right shoulder. He required two operations and was left with a permanent disability.

Prior to the accident he had worked as a pastry chef all his working life and was unable to continue in this role due to the limitations imposed by his injured shoulder.

He started a degree course to retrain as a social worker and the cost of retraining was factored into his settlement, as was the potential handicap he faced on the labour market.

An out of court settlement was reached by his solicitor Charlotte Williams in 2008 and Mr V received total damages of £99,000.

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