Osbornes’ free legal and welfare advice clinic at Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

13 Aug 2019 | Ben Posford

Osbornes Solicitors is part of a consortium of Brain Injury Group members offering a free Legal and Welfare Service (LAWS) at the Royal Free Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN), one of the leading centres for and authorities on neuro-disability care in the UK. The Brain Injury Group is a national not-for-profit network of brain injury lawyers and other related specialist services. They provide support and advice for brain-injured people, their families and carers.

 “Very few patients suffering a traumatic brain injury will have arrangements in place regarding their ongoing day-to-day commitments” according to Ben Posford, Head of the Catastrophic Injury Department at Osbornes Solicitors. “LAWS aims to give patients, their carers and families free, no-obligation advice on the many and varied legal and welfare challenges they face with a view to relieving some of the anxiety and problems they experience.”

The project offers a drop-in clinic and appointments on a weekly basis. Osbornes Solicitors and other member firms will offer a series of short workshops on legal and welfare subjects that many families and individuals affected by brain injury have to face.

“Neuro-disability can happen to anyone at any time, and the impact is immediate and profound” says Dorothy Lain, Head of Specialist Nursing Home, RHN. “There are many practical issues to be dealt with by families affected by neuro-disability. Making LAWS available on site means that they can access the support they need when they’re already visiting their loved one, which minimises disruption and helps them to focus on rehabilitation.”

LAWS can provide support and help at a difficult time in a number of ways by:

  • Being simple to access and available at convenient times
  • Identifying and helping to manage legal and financial issues
  • Giving specialist, experienced and trustworthy guidance
  • Identifying funding sources to access rehabilitation
  • Advising if there may be a case to seek compensation for the injury
  • Providing information on how best to obtain further advice, if needed LAWS will be launched within the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability on 1 February 2016.

About the Brain Injury Group

The Brain Injury Group is a national network of dedicated brain injury lawyers and related professional services which together provide a gateway to support, information and advice for those directly affected by an acquired brain injury. A not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), its mission is to provide anyone affected by brain injury with access to legal, financial and welfare services delivered by proven experts in the field who have been chosen not only for their skills and knowledge, but also for their passion and dedication to helping people.

About the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN)

The RHN is a national medical charity, independent from the NHS, which works to improve the lives of adults affected by severe neurological disability through specialist long term care and rehabilitation. Founded 161 years ago, the RHN finds ability in disability and seeks to advance the science of care through its research and education, helping to achieve the best possible quality of life for everyone living with a neurological disability.


For more information about LAWS or to speak with us about a brain injury, you have suffered contact Ben Posford, Head of the Catastrophic Injury Department at Osbornes Solicitors. 


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