Basildon Inquest – Serious failings in the hospital care of mother after childbirth

18 Jan 2020

Gabriela Pintilie lost six litres of blood after giving birth to her daughter via cesaran section at Basildon University Hospital in February 2019.The Romanian born mother bled to death several hours after doctors conducted emergency surgery and serious delays followed, along with a failure to deliver the right further care.

Our client, Ionel Pintilie. Gabriela’s husband said his wife’s death was “incredibly difficult to comprehend”.

“We trusted the doctors and nurses to keep Gabriela safe and I am so grateful for the doctors who tried to do this but others let us down us and have left me without the wife I loved since we were childhood sweethearts and our children without their devoted mother.

“The biggest tragedy is that Stefania will never know her mummy all because of the failure of others.”

Stephanie Prior, partner and head of clinical negligence said: “This is one of the most shocking cases of unfathomable ineptitude I have seen in my time as a solicitor.

“For the medical staff to have received the blood products Gabriela needed to save her life and then not give them to her as she bled to death in front of them is beyond comprehension.”

Look East, Evening News: 17/01/2020 reported on the coroners findings via @bbciplayer

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