Child head injury claims

The consequences of a head or brain injury to a child and their family can be life changing for both the child and their family. Child head injury can happen in many different ways but in our experience is most common as a result of road collisions or accidents in public places. In some cases head injury can occur as the result of an assault, for example when a young child or baby is deliberately shaken or ill-treated.

The psychological and emotional effects of the injury will often impact on the behaviour and learning capacity of the child as well as throwing up different challenges the rest of the family will need to deal with. The head injury will also mean that you may have to make decisions on medical treatments, rehabilitation options and schooling at what will be an emotionally draining time.

The role of a child head injury lawyer is not simply to recover compensation for the injury. Although this is important to meet the child’s future needs, a specialist solicitor will also focus on rehabilitation, supporting the family to establish what special educational needs the child may need; considering making a referral to a brain injury case manager and also by putting the family in touch with support groups of individuals who have been through a similar experience.

Advising a family whose child has experienced a head injury is an extremely specialised field. It is crucial to get advice from an experienced child brain injury lawyer who has the knowledge, sensitivity and understanding to give the reassurance that the family needs in making a child brain injury claim.

Our senior lawyers have considerable experience in dealing with child head injury claims. On taking on your case they will focus on putting in place an appropriate care plan straight away, by making sure you have access to all necessary rehabilitation, investigations and therapies. Your lawyer will also work to secure an interim payment for you which will secure on-going rehabilitation for the child and meet any immediate housing or care needs.

Our lawyers will make sure that your child has access to specialist paediatric experts. They will be able to advice on the prognosis for recovery or improvement and on future care needs and treatment.

When it comes to financial compensation, it can take a long while for a child to adjust to the aftermath of a head injury and the financial settlement should await the outcome of that adjustment process so as to achieve the right level of compensation. With this in mind our lawyers will work at securing an interim payment to make sure you are not under any financial pressures.

We understand choosing a lawyer is a big decision and would be very happy to have a no obligation conversation with you and to answer any questions you may have. Do contact Stuart Kightley, partner and specialist child head injuries lawyer. Please note that anything you discuss with Stuart will always be in the strictest of confidence.

Written by Stuart Kightley