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Cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence

Osbornes Law has an enviable record of securing life-changing awards for the families of children who have been affected by cerebral palsy.


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This page will answer your questions including how you can make a claim on behalf of a birth-injured child with cerebral palsy. We will explain why it’s important to work with an expert legal team who can offer holistic advice and support. Finally, we will share the stories of some of the valued clients we have been able to help.

Justice for families affected by cerebral palsy medical negligence

Osbornes Law is proud to be a member of Action Against Medical Accidents, a charity for patient safety and justice. Our memberships and advocacy have allowed us to form unique partnerships with the best medical experts, health professionals and rehabilitation providers. Together, we make sure your case is investigated seamlessly, and you can obtain the most appropriate care, education and treatment throughout your child’s life.

Our experience with cerebral palsy claims

The medical negligence team at Osbornes is made up of approachable lawyers who are used to managing complex and high-value cerebral palsy claims. We have over 40 years of experience in this area. Our compassionate staff understand the enormity of the challenges your family may be facing, and are here to give you the support you need.

Our aim is to protect the quality of life for your child. To help us do this, we work hard to secure a lifetime award that will cover all of your child’s care needs, both now and in the future. An important job for our lawyers is to make sure you have access to the best therapists, care providers and equipment. To make this possible, we negotiate early payments wherever possible.

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    Cerebral Palsy Claims FAQ

    What is cerebral palsy negligence?

    The birth of a child should be a joyful occasion. However, medical negligence sometimes causes newborns to suffer cerebral palsy. This is usually the result of the child being starved of oxygen, even for a short time, during pregnancy or birth.

    The most common mistakes causing brain damage and cerebral palsy are:

    • Failing to monitor the baby’s heartbeat correctly
    • Failing to recognise that the baby is showing signs of foetal distress
    • Allowing a difficult labour to go on too long
    • Mismanaging shoulder dystocia when the baby is stuck in the birth canal
    • Surgical errors made during a caesarean section
    • Failing to diagnose infection after birth

    This is not a complete list. Cerebral palsy claims can be made in respect of any mistake made by doctors, nurses, surgeons, midwives, therapists and other medical practitioners. Osbornes has a great deal of experience dealing with all kinds of cerebral palsy claims, whether the treatment was private or on the NHS.

    What is the benefit of bringing a cerebral palsy claim for my child?

    Cerebral palsy can be a devastating condition with consequences that affect the whole family. In severe cases, the child will have problems with mobility, swallowing, speech and being able to sit upright. Many will be dependent on their parents or caregivers for the rest of their lives.

    The lifetime cost of caring for a person with severe cerebral palsy can amount to many millions of pounds. The main reason for making a claim is to win the right amount of compensation, so you can provide the best support for your child going forward.

    However, there are benefits to making a claim that go beyond money. Many of our clients are looking for answers – Why did this mistake happen to them? What went wrong? Bringing a claim can help give you the answers and the justice you are seeking. And of course, we can help connect you with the practitioners, charities and organisations who can give you ongoing, practical support.

    Are there time limits to cerebral palsy claims?

    You have until the child turns 18 to make a claim on the child’s behalf. After age 18, the child has three years (until age 21) to bring a claim on their own.

    This may seem like a long time, but it’s best to take specialist advice as soon as possible. Cerebral palsy cases are complex to investigate, and it can take a long time to understand the full extent of the injuries and quantify all the financial losses your family might incur.

    What is the process for bringing a cerebral palsy claim?

    Claims for cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence are often harder to prove than regular personal injury claims like a road accident. There may be a series of actions that led to the harm, and a number of practitioners who might be to blame.

    That’s why you should see a solicitor specialised in cerebral palsy cases. There are two panels of specialist medical negligence solicitors. One is supervised by the Law Society. The other is supervised by the patient charity, Action Against Medical Accidents. Osbornes are one of a select group of law firms who are members of both panels. We have decades of experience helping families claim cerebral palsy compensation, and have secured many multi-million pound compensation packages for our clients.

    As a first step, we will look at your situation to decide if you have a case. We offer a free initial consultation, with no obligation to make a claim. We can talk you through the steps you can take and the best methods of funding cerebral palsy claims, such as ‘no win, no fee‘.

    How much cerebral palsy compensation will I receive?

    This is hard to say until we receive a medical report. The claim value will depend on how serious your child’s condition is and the impact it has on your life and the life of your child.

    As well as compensation for the injury, you can claim for the financial losses that you and your child have suffered, or will suffer, as a result of the medical negligence. These include:

    • Loss of your earnings and pension if you have to give up work to care for your child
    • ‘Paid for’ care and support
    • Therapy and rehabilitation, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy
    • Aids and equipment such as wheelchairs and bathing equipment
    • Home adaptations
    • Education costs if your child needs to attend a fee-paying special school

    Someone with severe cerebral palsy will usually need care for the rest of their life. These financial losses will usually represent the largest part of your compensation claim.

    Why choose Osbornes law?

    Clinical Background – Our most senior medical negligence lawyer is also a qualified nurse who spent many years working within the NHS.

    Cerebral palsy experts – We work on cerebral palsy cases from all aspects of NHS and private healthcare, and are fully accredited by the Law Society and Action Against Medical Accidents.

    Medical experts – We have access and regularly instruct leading medical experts to help us establish the impact of your injury. This assists us when negotiating your financial and care package.

    Leading law firm –We are recognised as one of the country’s leading medical negligence practices in industry-leading directories, Chambers UK and The Legal 500. We are proud of our track record in securing life-changing settlements for children whose lives have been devastated by medical negligence.

    Clear and honest advice – Our goal is to make the claim process as simple as possible. We want to help you get the answers and support that you deserve.

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