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  • "Osbornes Law have a very broad family practice which does all areas of family law at a high level. They have an excellent practice; they are top quality across the board."

    CHAMBERS UK 2023

  • Osbornes have been a sound firm forever. They have phenomenal work and an excellent skill set.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • They have high-end partners doing high-end work. They are very impressive.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • They have an excellent practice; they are top quality across the board.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • Osbornes have a very broad family practice which does all areas of family law at a high level.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • He is very hard-working, diligent and thoughtful in his approach. He is on top of the detail and makes strategic decisions.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • He commits himself to getting the best results.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • He’s a really tough litigator that you certainly want on your side. He will defend his clients to the hilt.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • Mark is an immensely capable lawyer, with vast experience and a well-deserved reputation for getting the very best for his clients.

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • Lisa Pepper is extremely hard-working and adored by her clients. She is a very empathetic and approachable lawyer.

    Chambers HNW 2O22

  • She’s an extremely supportive and kind lawyer and has an increasing mediation profile too

    Chambers HNW 2022

  • Andrew secured me the best financial settlement for my claim. He is a credit to Osbornes Solicitors.

    Family Department Client

  • "It has a strong and experienced team of solicitors who don’t take bad points, work sensibly to get a settlement and who you can always pick up the phone and speak to. They are good lawyers and know the strengths and weaknesses of their clients’ cases. They don’t posture and always pursue their clients cases appropriately. "

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Mark Freedman is a very capable lawyer, renowned for not being a pushover and pushing his clients’ cases as much as he can, but will always talk sensibly about settlement. He is among the best – tenacious, good judgment and tactically aware."

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Mark Freedman is a dynamic and highly experienced family lawyer who fights extremely hard for his clients and is always in their corner, thus ensuring their loyalty and confidence. In a trial you would always want him on your side."

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Bridget Thompson combines her excellent legal knowledge with a clear, succinct and robust style of advice and advocacy. Her approach clearly inspires a high degree of client confidence in her"

    Legal 500 2021

  • "She has impressed me as someone who fights my corner but also understands the importance of resolving issues without unnecessary escalation. She is calm and reassuring."

  • "Her mediation practice is exceptional; she is also a great solicitor and has a breadth of skill which is really useful."

    Chambers UK 2021

  • "He is really experienced and wise. He has a lovely manner about him and clients feel safe with him."

    Chambers UK

  • "Jo Wescott is top notch and widely recognised as a rising star throughout the profession. She brings a winning combination of great judgement, an immense work ethic, and a relaxed and charming way with opponents and clients alike. Someone you want on your side”

    Legal 500 2021

  • "Osbornes is pre-eminent for family law in North London. Mark Freedman is a real rainmaker. He is an excellent lawyer and has a top-notch practice"

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • Mark Freedman is intelligent and personable and has a good selection of high-net work cases.

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • "Exceptional value for money. Highly competent and reasonably priced. Mark Freedman: one of the best in the field."

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • "Client-focused. Ready to fight the clients’ corner, but also ready where possible to steer client from unnecessary dispute. Mark Freedman – very experienced, with good instinct for the eventual result. Clients love him and he thinks ahead and directs the client to the best result for the client."

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • Mark Freedman is a serious player. A fearless family law litigator, who protects his clients’ interests passionately.

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • Breadth of knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile is what makes it stand out. Mark Freedman – devoted to his clients

    Legal 500 2020 - Mark Freedman

  • Mark Freedman frequently takes on high-value financial and children proceedings that involve complex tax, trust and accounting issues. Sources praise the "tenacity and common sense" he brings to challenging disputes.

    Chambers UK

  • "Mark is very experienced, competent, good with clients and takes a sensible approach to cases. He knows exactly what he's doing."

    Chambers & Partners Directory 2020, Mark Freedman

  • "An exceptional outfit. They take on difficult cases, fight hard and win."

    Chambers UK

  • "They are an outstanding firm to work with. They are consistently impressive in their work."

    Chambers UK

  • "The team frequently deals with cross-border estates for high–net-worth individuals."

    The Legal 500

  • "Mark Freedman is a real heavyweight litigator who has dealt with some very significant cases."

    The Legal 500

  • "Mark Freedman boxes clever, keeps his powder dry and when it comes to the end game he negotiates a really good deal."

    The Legal 500

  • "Mark Freedman has a specific focus on high-net-worth divorces and finance cases where there are overseas assets and trusts."

    The Legal 500

  • "Lisa Pepper somehow manages to get parties to settle on matters where there isn’t much hope to start out with."

    The Legal 500

  • "Well-regarded family practice assisting clients with substantial matrimonial disputes and sensitive children proceedings."

    Chambers UK

  • "Mark Freedman draws acclaim for his work in high net worth divorce cases, including those involving company structures, family trusts and overseas assets."

    Chambers UK 2019

  • "He never gives up. He fights for you to the end and has boundless energy."

    Chambers UK

  • Bridget Thompson heads the family team, where client care is the top priority.

    Legal 500

  • Mark Freedman advises high-net-worth clients and knows his stuff.

    Legal 500

  • Highly regarded for his experience as a litigation and mediation expertise, Mark Freedman is tenacious and determined. Clients really feel that he is fighting their corner.

    Chambers UK

  • [The Family Law department] handles significant matrimonial finance cases and complex nuptial agreements. Respected for its expertise in cross-border children law matters.

    Chambers UK

  • They have a really good, strong team, with the junior elements punching well above their weight. It doesn't matter who you talk to; they are all switched on."

    Family Law department client

  • "Mark Freedman receives a lot of instructions from clients based abroad, often relating to complex divorce proceedings. Sources say: “His main strengths are his enthusiastic passion for the job in hand and his total dedication to his clients.”

    Chambers UK

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    Does Britney’s Spears Prenup Protect Her Assets?

    News has emerged of Britney’s marriage breakdown earlier this month when Sam Asghari filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences....

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    High income parents – how much child maintenance should...

    When separating or divorcing parents cannot agree the amount of child maintenance to be paid, (in high income cases where...

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  3. 25.7.2023

    Family Dynamics: A Factor In Child Arrangements Cases

    In proceedings involving children, the parents should consider the impact their behaviour towards each other may have on how the...

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    Why It Is Important to Involve First Class...

    Prenups have historically have a bad reputation, but they are starting to lose the negative stigma and are now common...

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  5. 23.6.2023

    Children Proceedings Highlights Judicial Conduct

    Jonathan Jonas, a senior children lawyer at Osbornes Law was involved in the interesting case of K and L (Children:...

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  6. House-Finsbury-Park

    Declaration of Trust for Property

    If you are buying a property jointly, you may want to consider making a declaration of trust to record your...

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    Parenting Talk With Noël Janis-Norton

    Osbornes Law are delighted to be hosting internationally known parenting expert, Noël Janis-Norton, who will be delivering the talk:...

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  8. cohabitation agreement

    Cohabitation agreement solicitors

    Unmarried couples who live together do not have the same legal protection as married couples and civil partners when they...

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  9. baby hand in mothers hand

    What is legal parenthood and how is it...

    This issue was in the news recently, when a married Oklahoma same-sex couple were in court over a dispute about...

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  10. little venice in London

    Severance of a Joint Tenancy

    Severing a Joint Tenancy Normally, when couples buy a property together they do so as joint tenants. This means they...

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  11. camden lock

    Tenants in Common vs Joint Tenants

    Tenants in Common vs Joint Tenants: Which is best for buying a property together? When buying a property with someone...

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  12. Prenup agreement and gavel

    Judge ignores pre-nuptial agreement but factors in non-matrimonial...

    Case Law One of the reasons I am still passionate about family law, after 20 years in the field, is that...

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    What if my partner predeceases me before we...

    A review of a recent case concerning consent during fertility treatment. When going through fertility treatment as a couple, it...

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  14. birth certificate

    Declaration of parentage after mistake at register office

    Recently in the news has been the outcome of the case of Osborne & Anor v Cambridgeshire County Council [2022] EWHC 1982 (...

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  15. Artificial insemination illustration, blue background.

    New strategy to make fertility treatment more accessible

    In July 2022, the Department of Health for England released its strategy aimed at improving Women’s Health. While women represent 51%...

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  16. Doctor holding urine sample cup.

    Proposed Changes to Gamete Donor Anonymity Laws in...

    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has proposed changes to the law surrounding gamete donor anonymity in the UK....

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    TOLATA Claims

    What are trusts of land? Property ownership is not always a straightforward legal issue, particularly where the parties are cohabitees...

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    Mediation or Arbitration: What’s best for me?

    Few divorcing couples want to end up in court, which is why mediation and arbitration are faster and more effective...

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    Do I need permission to take a child...

    Can a mother take a child out of the country without father’s permission? For a parent to take their...

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    Legal considerations in the surrogacy process

    What Are My Surrogacy Options at Home and Abroad? When you’re considering surrogacy as an intended parent, you may...

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    Birth parent fails to overturn adoption order

    Most adoption applications go through smoothly and it is only in the minority of cases that birth parents seek to...

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    Changes in Fertility Law Benefit Families

    Following campaigning by those working in the fertility sector and public consultation in 2020, the Government announced on 6th September 2021 that...

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    Coercive Control

    Domestic abuse comes in many forms. When it involves a campaign of threats, intimidation and psychological manipulation, it’s known...

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  24. married couple

    Pre-nups becoming the new norm for soon to...

    Lawyers are seeing record numbers of couples signing pre-nuptial agreements this year as the country moves closer to a society...

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