A Guide To Family Law

An overview of different areas of family law

Matters relating to family law can be extremely emotionally charged, so it is important that you hire experienced family law solicitors you can trust, with the expertise to resolve the issues and deliver the means to move forward. Read on for a brief guide to family law and how our lawyers can help.

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  • “Osbornes Law have a very broad family practice which does all areas of family law at a high level. They have an excellent practice; they are top quality across the board.”

  • “A family team that is able to offer the highest level of expertise across the family law spectrum from high-net-worth finances through to care proceedings and children matters.”

Family law covers all the legal issues that surround custody, inheritance and disputes within the family. It covers matters of personal relationships, divorce, custody of children, inheritance of wealth/assets and other areas regarding children in public law.

Adoption Law & Fertility Law

Legal advice and representation from our leading adoption lawyers is available at every stage of the adoption process. As advances are made in fertility technology, the ways we grow families are changing. Issues including assisted reproduction, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and adoption are alternatives for prospective parents who are unable to conceive naturally. A biological connection to a child, however, does not always mean a person automatically acquires parental rights by law.

When adopting or using donors/surrogates, there can be complex legal implications when you bring your new family member home. It is important to acquire quality family law advice early to help you successfully work through the process.

Children Law

When a couple has children, their needs are always at the heart of every decision they make. When a relationship breaks down, the impact on the children is a primary cause of concern. Our child law experts have expertise in handling all types of cases involving children, including representing parents and children in difficult disputes. It takes great skill and experience to get the best outcome for families.

At Osbornes Law, we can offer support and advice on the following complex areas:

Every case is handled with sensitivity and discretion where the interests of children are involved. As family lawyers, we offer emotional support and specialist legal advice to help you establish all the necessary arrangements, preferably without going to court.

Civil Partnerships

Before the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2014, homosexual couples could only enter civil partnerships when wishing to register their relationship officially. Today, anyone aged 16 or over who is not already in a civil partnership or married can register a civil partnership. There are certain requirements for the process, including giving notice at your register office and presenting certain identification documents.

When a civil partnership breaks down, it is important to seek the services of a family law solicitor who understands the specialist legal considerations. At Osbornes Law, we can advise and assist in ensuring there is a complete, relevant financial disclosure in order to reach a satisfactory financial settlement. We can also assist you to deal with arrangements regarding yours. Getting expert legal advice is essential to getting the right outcome.

Cohabitation Disputes

Separation after cohabitation, and cohabitation disputes, can cause unpleasant surprises for both parties as there is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’. The legal rights of couples who live together without marrying or entering a civil partnership are complicated, and it is continually developing and changing. Our team at Osbornes Law contains specialist cohabitation lawyers and we can offer genuine expertise in this highly complicated area of law.

Divorce Law

A divorce can be an emotional, worrying and incredibly difficult time. You need someone who is on your side and can be trusted to act on your behalf, and this is exactly what a good family law solicitor will do. Getting expert legal advice on everything from your children, to your home, to your overall financial security is absolutely essential when a marriage breaks down.

Your solicitor will discuss your options with you and listen to your needs. They will give you a realistic picture of where you stand, inform you of your rights and understand those of your ex-partner too. Our team at Osbornes Law will do all they can to make your divorce as simple and stress-free as possible.

Inheritance Law

This area of law covers everything from Wills, to intestate law, to inheritance of wealth through divorce and through bereavement. Professional, expert family solicitors will enable you to navigate through the complex legal environments involved in these issues. Whether you need to resolve disputes, appoint an executor or make a claim for inheritance, our team at Osbornes Law is here to help.

Fixed Fee Divorce Costs

At Osbornes Law, if your divorce is uncontested, does not involve international issues and your spouse is available to communicate with easily, we can offer a fixed fee of £999 (inclusive of VAT) to obtain a divorce on your behalf. If your case is more complex we will discuss our hourly rates with you.

Our Specialist Family Lawyers & Solicitors

We have the expertise and experience to help. We are specialists in all areas of family law, and have been helping clients reach successful conclusions to their cases for over 45 years.

If you need assistance in one of the areas listed above, contact us on 020 7485 8811 for an initial confidential discussion. We handle every case with care, compassion and discretion, so you will always feel safe with us.

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    • "Osbornes have been a sound firm forever. They have phenomenal work."

      CHAMBERS UK 2023

    • "They provide excellent advice and service to clients."

      CHAMBERS 2023

    • "Osbornes Law have a very broad family practice which does all areas of family law at a high level. They have an excellent practice; they are top quality across the board."

      CHAMBERS UK 2023

    • "Osbornes offers a unique service of high quality advice and representation across a wide range of areas of law."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "The team are all eminently approachable and down to earth, committed, hardworking and who support their clients in a very effective, pragmatic way."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Osbornes offers an excellent family law service spanning the wide range of disputes that may arise, in relation both to children and finances."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "A family team that is able to offer the highest level of expertise across the family law spectrum from high-net-worth finances through to care proceedings and children matters."

      Legal 500 2023

    • "Mark Freedman is intelligent and personable and has a good selection of high-net work cases".

      Chambers UK

    • "It has a strong and experienced team of solicitors who don’t take bad points, work sensibly to get a settlement and who you can always pick up the phone and speak to. They are good lawyers and know the strengths and weaknesses of their clients’ cases. They don’t posture and always pursue their clients cases appropriately. "

      Legal 500 2021

    • Mark Freedman frequently takes on high-value financial and children proceedings that involve complex tax, trust and accounting issues. Sources praise the "tenacity and common sense" he brings to challenging disputes.

      Chambers UK

    • "Mark is very experienced, competent, good with clients and takes a sensible approach to cases. He knows exactly what he's doing."

      Chambers & Partners Directory 2020, Mark Freedman

    • "Naomi Angell is a highly esteemed practitioner who is highlighted as "a leader in the field" and "extremely knowledgeable" by interviewees. She is particularly recognised for her experience in complex adoption disputes."

      Chambers UK

    • [The Family Law department] handles significant matrimonial finance cases and complex nuptial agreements. Respected for its expertise in cross-border children law matters.

      Chambers UK

    • This team is perhaps best known for its children work, often involving complex international dynamics.

      Chambers UK

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      Mediation by Zoom

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      I’m living with an abusive partner during...

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