Dawn of a New Era – Launch of new Guidance on Adoption

17 Jun 2011

Naomi Angell, Osbornes’ resident adoption specialist, attended the launch of the new guidance on adoption at the Foundling Museum in central London on 22 February 2011.

The guidance aims to speed up the adoption process for children waiting in care for an adoption placement and for families wanting to adopt.

The government also aims to increase the number of adoptions.  The number of children placed for adoption fell by 15% between March 2009 and 2010, and more children are waiting longer to be adopted.  Black children took on average over 50% longer to be placed for adoption than children from other ethnic groups.  Children over 5 were 4 times less likely to be adopted compared to children under that age.

If you are considering going through the adoption process and would like further advice please contact Naomi Angell.

Similarly if your intentions are to adopt from a foreign country, as the number one specialist in the UK, Naomi will be able to assist

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