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International Family Law

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Going through a separation can be difficult beyond words, particularly if there are children involved. Add the international aspect to the mix and things risk becoming especially complicated. With more and more people having additional jurisdictions issues to deal with, marriages (and consequently any resulting divorces) may become more difficult to navigate.

What is International Family Law?

When a family that has international links chooses to separate, it may become apparent that one of the parents involved wishes to relocate with their child to their country of origin. Our international family law team are skilled at representing clients who have a dispute with someone who lives, or is planning to live, outside the United Kingdom.

If one parent in the family set-up objects to the move, they can use an international family lawyer to attempt to stop it from happening.
Where more than a single country applies to a familial situation, establishing where to carry out proceedings can be disputed. If you wish to carry out your divorce through the English legal system then yourself, or your spouse, must meet basic residential requirements.

Wherever you or your spouse lives – France, Spain, Dubai or even the UK- international family law can be a very difficult area of law to navigate and seeking specialist legal advice will be your best option.

How Might All This Affect Me and My Divorce?

The impact of international family law will need to be considered if one of the following applies to you:

  •  You and your spouse were married abroad.
  •  Either one of you, or your spouse, were born abroad.
  •  Either one of you, or your spouse, currently lives abroad in an EU or non-EU country.
  •  Either yourself, or your spouse, owns foreign assets, such as overseas property.

Our Specialist International Family Lawyers & Solicitors

Issues arising that generally require the work of family lawyers include

  • The relocation of children and dealing with international based child abduction
    Where your child is unlawfully removed from your care and the country you reside in by a family member.

You may believe that your personal circumstances are far too complicated – with a solution absolutely nowhere in sight. Our team of international family lawyers will give you open and transparent advice to find a way through.

Whether you are looking to relocate overseas with your children or, you need to understand your rights if your partner is planning a move abroad – our team of international family lawyers is here to help you.

For a confidential discussion, call 020 7485 8811 or email familyonline@osborneslaw.com

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