Abducted children reunited with mother after 30 years

19 Jun 2012

A mother has told of how she finally tracked down her two children 30 years after they were snatched by her ex-husband.

Paulette Moray’s children Sasha and Naomi disappeared from her home in Ilford, east London 31st July 1981, following a bitter High Court custody battle with her husband after the breakdown of their marriage.

Naomi had been four years old and her younger brother Sasha was two when they were taken from their father. Paulette, now 64, spent two years searching for her children  before  her ex-husband Max Moray contacted the London Evening Standard in 1983 to say that the children were living with him abroad.

The details of the 30 year search for her children has been revealed in a new book, The Hunt, which was written with Paulette’s new husband George London.

The book tells of how Paulette has spent £100,000 trying to track her children down, but with no success. Her husband, a builder turned private investigator, finally discovered Mr Moray was living in Israel and by 2005 he had traced his e-mail address. Posing as an old friend he contacted Mr Moray claiming that Paulette had died and eventually managed to elicit the contact details for now grown up children.

In a gamble, Mr London posted a copy of The Hunt to Sasha, now 34. After three days an e-mail was received from Sasha with started ‘Dear Mum’.

Sasha who is now living in Spain and his sister Naomi had no idea that their mother had been searching for them.

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This situation can  arise as a result of family breakdown where one parent has family outside  England and Wales and returns to that family with their children without the consent of either the other parent or the Court.

If parents believe there is an imminent risk of abduction there are emergency steps that can be taken to prevent the removal and protect the child. Urgent legal advice should be sought immediately.  Public Funding is usually available.

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