Osbornes settles historic children’s home child abuse cases

18 Feb 2015

Sam Collard, specialist child abuse lawyer at Osbornes Solicitors has recently settled six cases of historic child abuse, which occurred in the 1970’s at a children’s’ home in London.  The children’s home in question has now been closed.  The case of VB one of the six individuals who was a resident at the home relates to sexual  abuse she encountered at the children’s home which was inflicted on her by one particular member of staff.  This member of staff has now been convicted of historic indecent assault at a criminal trial and was in December 2014 sentenced to 8 years in prison.

VB was sent to the children’s home in question at the age of 4, having previously been sexually abused by her step-father when living at home.  However, whilst at the children’s home she was the victim of further sexual abuse, in particular between the ages of 8 and 9.  VB remained in the children’s home until she was 14 years old.  The sexual abuse was not acknowledged by anyone at the time, despite VB reporting it to the staff at the home.  This led to VB suffering from psychological injury for much of her adult life.  Her case has recently been settled with the relevant London Borough for £30,000.  Settlement was reached very quickly following the criminal proceedings without the need for court proceedings to be issued which would have increased the stress felt by VB in having to litigate her claim.  VB gave evidence in the criminal proceedings and she found this experience harrowing.

The 5 other clients we acted for were also all children resident at the home during the 1970s and each of them suffered abuse at the hands of the individual perpetrator referred to above.  All 5 clients have recently settled their cases for five figure sums, again without the need for potentially stressful court proceedings to be issued.  In all of the cases the medical records and social services records were applied for and reviewed but the cases were settled without the need for psychiatric evidence in respect of causation, condition and prognosis.

Osbornes’ child abuse team specialises in getting victims of child abuse compensation, whilst being sensitive to the needs of each individual client and appreciating the extra stresses that can be put on victims of child abuse by going thorough difficult litigation.

If you wish to seek confidential advice on any of the issues referred to above, please do not hesitate to contact head of the child abuse department, Stephanie Prior by email on stephanieprior@osbornes.net or contact Sam Collard by email on samcollard@osbornes.net. You can also reach us on 020 7485 8811.

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