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Osbornes Law has one of the UK’s leading personal injury litigation departments. We only represent claimants and have been fighting the corner of the injured party for more than 40 years.

We are proud of our track record in securing multi-million pound settlements for those clients whose lives have been devastated by the most serious personal injuries.

Osbornes’ 30-strong department of award-winning personal injury lawyers specialises in life-changing spinal cord and brain injury, limb amputation and fatal accident claims, and works in partner-led teams in our specialist areas of catastrophic injury, cycling, clinical negligence, travel law and child abuse.

Or as the directories say, Osbornes “continues to build on its success’, fielding a personal injury team that predominantly assists individuals who have sustained serious and life-changing injuries. The team receives instructions in high-value and complex trial litigation, involving severe brain, head and spinal cord injuries, as well as fatal accident claims (Chambers UK)

So if you have been seriously injured in an accident or suffered a bereavement caused by the negligence of another, our personal injury solicitors are here to fight your case and maximise your damages. We offer “a rare level of commitment” (Legal 500) and will tailor our efforts to you and your circumstances because as well as compensation for losses you will need to secure the right treatment, rehabilitation and support to aid your recovery.

We will keep you at the centre of the process without it dominating your life.

Should I talk to a personal injury solicitor?

If you’ve experienced an accident or injury, or lost a loved one, as a result of someone else’s actions, then you might be entitled to bring a claim for compensation.

At Osbornes Law we understand that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure at the very time you’re probably also battling through a recovery process or suffering from bereavement and we want to help.

How do I know I can trust Osbornes Law as my personal injury solicitors?

Our track record speaks for itself, with decades of experience in acting as accident and injury lawyers, securing multi-million-pound settlements for clients whose lives have been devastated by the most serious personal injuries.

We work hard to take care of you and remove the elements of risk and uncertainty. Our 37-strong team of personal injury solicitors and paralegals are each qualified, experienced and regulated. We demonstrate that you can trust us through our more than 40 years of experience as well as our five star (4.8 out of 5), excellent Trustpilot review.

How are personal injury or accident lawyers different from other lawyers?

Our accident lawyers work exclusively within the field of personal injury – they don’t advise on any other areas of law. This means that you are guaranteed to work with a true expert in personal injury law.

We can help, not only by supporting you through each stage of your case but in tailoring it to support you with securing the right treatment, rehabilitation and support to aid your recovery.

Day-in-day-out we’re working, at the highest levels, on cases exactly like yours.

What kinds of personal injury can you help with?

We work on a broad range of cases, across personal injury law. The types of accident we help with include cycling accidents, accidents at work, road traffic accidents, and more.

Our expertise includes helping people who have sustained life-changing injuries, including head and brain injuries, spinal injuries and amputations as a result of an accident.

If you aren’t sure whether we can help then just give us a call and we will be able to advise on your personal circumstances.

What will my solicitor need from me to begin a personal injury case?

Here’s a checklist of all the things we’ll ask about when we speak to you:

  • When did your accident or injury happen?
  • Can you tell us the details of how it happened?
  • Who was involved in your accident or injury?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident or injury?
  • Do you have a police report?
  • Have you had any medical examinations and/or treatment since your accident or injury?
  • Have you lost any income as a result of your accident or injury?
  • Have you had to make any specific payments as a result of your accident or injury?

Why Choose Osbornes Law Personal Injury Lawyers?

Our personal injury and accident lawyers have been putting clients first for more than 40 years. We’re proud of the fact we combine expertise, award-winning service and a truly practical approach. And the fact that our accident and injury lawyers have achieved millions of pounds of compensation for clients across the UK.

So, what sets Osbornes Law apart from other personal injury solicitors and claims management companies?

  • Our 30-strong personal injury law team includes six highly experienced partners with qualified solicitors, paralegals and legal assistants working alongside. This means that although you will always have the same – single – point of contact, you can be assured, knowing you have an expert personal injury legal team on your side.
  • All of our experts are not only qualified but accredited by organisations such as the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society, Headway (the brain injury charity), The Spinal Injuries Association, RoadPeace, The Brain Injury Group and The Limbless Association. We are also the sole legal partner to the London Cycling Campaign.
  • We have been listed as one of The Times Best Law Firms in 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  • We are a multi-award-winning team of personal injury lawyers. Not only do we have a five star (4.8 out of 5), excellent Trustpilot review, we have been ranked as a leading law firm in the internationally-respected Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories.
  • We’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. This means that you can trust us to adhere to the very highest standards of professional conduct and expertise.

We talk your language

Personal Injury Solicitors Personal Injury Solicitors Personal Injury Solicitors Personal Injury Solicitors Personal Injury Solicitors

Our personal injury solicitors and assistants are approachable and speak in plain English, but we also between us speak most European languages, so whether your first language is Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian or Slovak you will be able to communicate with us in your native language.


Meet the head of our personal injury team

Stuart Kightley is head of Osborne Law’s award-winning personal injury team. Recommended by clients and peers, Stuart is reported as being “incredibly empathetic” “very knowledgeable”, “impressive, pragmatic and reasonable”. He is best known for his work with claimants that have suffered serious injuries at work or on the road, in particular those with head injuries and catastrophic injuries. Stuart is a trustee for the London Cycling Campaign.

Get a NO OBLIGATION assessment from Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Each personal injury case is different so we need to speak with you to understand exactly what has happened and how we can help you move forward with your legal case for compensation.

Contact us for a free assessment, and we will explain the process to you and answer all your questions.

Personal Injury Solicitor FAQs

How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer for me?

First, look out for a personal injury solicitor that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and more widely accredited. This means experts that are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers or involved with organisations such as Headway and other charities. You can also check whether they are particularly well respected by looking at Chambers & Partners and Legal 500, which provide a ranking based on reviews.

Next, do a bit more research. Ask for recommendations for a personal injury solicitor near you and take a look at their Trustpilot or Google reviews. Have a look through examples of their accident law work and clients testimonials.

Finally, have an initial conversation with them – whether on the phone or in person. You need to be happy you trust your personal injury solicitor and their approach.

How much do personal injury lawyers charge?

When you book your initial conversation we’ll take you through all the options and work out the best way to fund your Personal Injury case.

In the vast majority of cases, your accident or injury lawyer will be able to proceed on a No Win No Fees basis. This means there isn’t any financial risk to you if your case isn’t successful.

How long does the legal process take?

You usually have three years from the date of an accident or injury – but we’d always advise getting in touch as soon as possible.

Because each case is different it’s impossible to say exactly how long your personal injury claim will take. It will depend on the severity of your injuries and whether or not your opponent admits blame.

A relatively simple case – like minor whiplash or when the other party admits responsibility – could be settled in a few months. A case relating to more serious injuries – or where the other party doesn’t admit responsibility – will take longer as we’ll have to seek medical evidence. This is partly so that we can make sure any compensation supports you for your longer-term medical needs. We may also have to wait to understand the full impact of your injuries because compensation may depend on how long it takes you to heal.

Other factors that could prolong your case might include whether it has to go to court when a criminal offence has been committed and police charges also have to be brought and if you’ve been injured in a hit and run accident when the police and insurance companies will be trying to locate the driver.

Your personal injury solicitor or legal assistant will be able to give you a clearer idea, once you’ve had your initial conversation.

Will my personal injury case go to court?

Although in the majority of cases we’re able to settle out of court, sometimes this isn’t possible. In particular, if the opponent refuses to accept responsibility or if criminal proceedings have to be brought, we might have to start court proceedings. Don’t worry, your personal injury lawyers will be by your side handling this for you at every step of the way. If this is the case we’ll explain each step and what will happen so as to make things as simple and straightforward as possible.

What are the different ways of resolving my claim?

Where possible we’ll always try to settle your case without going to court. We understand that neither party wants to go to court if it can be avoided. Typically a case will be resolved through negotiation between your personal injury solicitor, your insurer and the defendant (the person opposing). This can be done gradually through correspondence, a formal meeting such as a joint settlement meeting or mediation. Alternatively, we might look to something called ‘early neutral evaluation’ (where a judge, retired judge or QC hears each side’s submissions and then states their view of what the likely outcome at trial will be), arbitration (where each side puts forward their submission to an arbitrator, who will make a binding decision) or a court trial (where each side argues their case in front of a judge).

Before any decisions are made as to how your case will be resolved, we’ll talk you through the options available, to get the best result.

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