Lower limb personal injury compensation

Lower limb injuries include loss of or damage to legs, feet and toes, knee damage and ankle injuries. This guide shows the range of compensation.

In road accidents pedestrians and bike/motorbike riders are particularly vulnerable to serious leg, knee and ankle injuries.

High impact accident injuries can cause open (compound) and crush or shatter (comminuted) fractures to the leg bones that need metalwork fixation.

These cases which can also involve disfiguring scarring, can be worth £15,000 – £30,000 or more, depending on the prognosis.

General Damages for Lower Limb Injuries



Leg Injuries




Severe Leg Injuries



Less Serious Leg Injuries (Up to)


Knee Injuries




Moderate (Up to)


Ankle Injuries




Moderate (Up to)


Toe Injuries

Amputation of all Toes



Amputation of the Great Toe (In the region of)


Severe Toe Injuries



Moderate (Up to)


A more straightforward fracture to the tibia may be worth £5000 – £10,000 general damages, and will involve a long period of convalescence with physiotherapy.

Personal injury compensation is divided into two main categories, one for the injuries themselves (general damages) and a second for the financial losses caused by the injury (special damage).

This second category includes compensation for loss of earnings, care, and medical expenses. In amputation cases the special damage claim will often be worth several hundred thousand pounds because of the need for prosthetics and other equipment.

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