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Wills Probate & Disputed Estates

My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  How can I help him manage his affairs?

News article published on: 1st May 2020

To assist someone with their affairs (whether related to their finances or to health matters), you must hold the legal powers to do so. The route you / your family member will need to take will depend on the mental capacity of the person you are seeking to help. So what are the options? They […]

Coronavirus: be prepared for an increase in challenges to wills

News article published on: 29th April 2020

Challenging the validity of wills is already common, and with social distancing preventing solicitors carrying out the usual safeguards for clients making wills, it’s likely that this upward trend will continue.  Challenges to wills are costly and time consuming to deal with, and can create irreparable damage to family relations. Wills can be challenged on […]

Getting your affairs in order

News article published on: 28th April 2020

“I want to get my affairs in order” is the phrase I have heard the most over the last few weeks, both from new client and existing clients. Now is a good time to sit down and think about what this means for you. Most people assume this means ensuring they have an up to […]

Wills, Probate and Estate Administration – dispelling common myths

News article published on: 27th April 2020

Certain myths come up time after time in Private Client Law and in this article I hope to dispel some of these. I’ll be exploring three common myths, some of which are of particular importance in this uncertain time, and hope this article will help put these to bed. The concept of the common law […]

Jan Atkinson, Head of Wills, Probate and Estate Administration comments on the increase in contested Wills

News article published on: 20th April 2020

The Sunday Times newspaper article. 19th April 2020, headlined “More families going to war over wills” provided an insight on recent developments surrounding families contesting wills. Speaking to their reporter, Kenza Bryan, Jan Atkinson was asked to explain the usual ways a will can be challenged. This could be either: to claim that the person […]

I want to gift my home to my children to save inheritance tax.  Will it work?

News article published on: 15th April 2020

We are often asked to give advice to parents on transferring their property to their children, the main aim behind this decision is normally ‘to save inheritance tax’.  Although this sounds a simple enough tax saving measure, unfortunately it is not straight-forward and in fact can result in disadvantageous tax consequences. As you may be […]

How do I make a will with social distancing rules in place?

News article published on: 1st April 2020

The coronavirus crisis means many are considering updating their will or making one for the first time. Whilst this is a sensible step to take, strict social distancing measures mean drawing up a valid will is not straightforward. A will must be signed by two independent witnesses who are not your beneficiaries or the spouses […]

Helping the elderly or vulnerable people with making a Will

News article published on: 27th March 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a question I am being asked more regularly is how can I help my elderly relative or friend to make or update a Will? It is understanding that many people are worried about getting their affairs in order in these uncertain times. It is also heart-warming to hear of so […]

Property up to £1m can be inheritance tax free from April

News article published on: 26th March 2020

Changes to inheritance tax allowances mean married couples can leave property worth £1 million tax free from 6 April. Modest houses in parts of London and the rest of the country can still fetch over a million pounds, so many of us need to check our wills to ensure our children or grandchildren benefit from […]

Young at heart have heads in the sand over old age

News article published on: 19th February 2020

The number of over-65s is expected to increase by more than 40% within 20 years, with most of us likely to live well into our 70s and 80s.  This means a higher risk of living with age-related illnesses, such as dementia, and the real possibility of needing help managing our day to day affairs. Whether […]

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