E-Scooter Accident Claim Settled for £30,000

22 May 2024 | Andrew Middlehurst
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Specialist Solicitor Blanca Diego Settles E-Scooter Rider Claim

Blanca Diego, a specialist solicitor at Osbornes Law, recently settled a claim for an e-scooter rider in the region of £30,000.

Incident Details

The e-scooter rider was hit by a car driver at the entrance to a petrol station. The rider had ensured they had lights and was traveling at around 6mph. Upon impact, the rider hit their head and sustained soft tissue injuries to their leg, knee, ankle, lower back, and chest. The rider lost consciousness due to the head injury and suffered a concussion, resulting in persistent headaches thereafter.

Liability and Medical Assessment

Liability was accepted by the driver’s insurers. To assess the full impact of the injuries, Blanca arranged a consultation with a neurologist to analyze the extent of the head injury sustained. This thorough medical evaluation helped to establish the long-term effects of the concussion and other injuries.

Settlement Negotiation

Blanca skillfully negotiated with the insurers, resulting in a satisfactory settlement for the e-scooter rider without the need for court proceedings. The settlement covered the rider’s medical expenses, ongoing treatment, and compensation for pain and suffering.

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