Helping the elderly or vulnerable people with making a Will

27 Mar 2020 | Jenny Walsh

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a question I am being asked more regularly is how can I help my elderly relative or friend to make or update a Will?

It is understanding that many people are worried about getting their affairs in order in these uncertain times. It is also heart-warming to hear of so many who are helping the most vulnerable and elderly in our society with their day to day living. Being confined to home has given people that added time to consider their personal affairs.

Making or updating a Will can be done quite easily. At Osbornes Law, we have two options to help get the process started – an online questionnaire or just pick up the phone and call us. How quickly Skype and other video conferences are becoming the new ‘norm’!

Our questionnaire allows our clients to bring together all the necessary information which we review and then arrange a telephone call or Skype or Zoom video meeting to discuss further.

Once we have all the details and information regarding your requirements, we prepare and send out the draft Will. In addition, we provide further advice and guidance to assist with the process and answers all questions.

When the draft has been approved, we will either send the Will out by email for printing, at home, or we can post it. We provide a letter confirming how the will should be signed (i.e. in the presence of two witnesses).

Storing and keeping Wills: We store Wills free of charge and these are readily accessible for our clients. 

How much will my Will cost?

Of course, the other regular question I get asked is how much will my Will cost? For straightforward Wills we charge a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT. However, if the Estate and requirements are more complex, for example tax or asset advice is needed, or there are assets abroad then the additional work or advice will be charged at my hourly rate which is discussed and confirmed at the outset.

Now more than ever we are considering carefully what we do to remain healthy and to maintain our peace of mind. The work I do allows me to play a small part in helping others and I am so glad I can help to bring some peace of mind for the future.

Blog post written by Jenny Walsh, solicitor in the private client team.

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