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Wealth planning involves structuring your money, property and other assets in a tax efficient way that protects you, your family and any business interests. Effective wealth planning is prudent for everyone, not just the wealthy.


  • “Jan is an expert in international probate work and is praised for a sensible and pragmatic approach to cases.”

  • “Jan Atkinson is a formidable litigator in succession disputes – you want her on your team in any such case.”

Why consider wealth planning?

If you want to protect your money and assets and safeguard your family’s posterity, you ought to be considering how wealth planning can help achieve this.

No matter how much you are worth, you’ve worked hard for your money and we can help you look after it, whether that’s through efficient tax planning, trust creation, succession plans, philanthropy or making complex wills.

With expert guidance, you can plan how best to protect your estate and your family – and secure peace of mind as to the future.

How can our wealth planning solicitors help you?

The specialist wealth planning solicitors at Osbornes Law work closely with individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and multi-generation families. Crucially, our experts are known for forging close, trustworthy relationships with clients who stay with us long-term.

Our team recognises that major life events often prompt the need to better protect your wealth. We take an empathetic approach to our clients’ unique circumstances and we are proudly client-focused:

  • We help individuals, including high net worth individuals, effectively structure their wealth while navigating difficult or exciting changes in life.
  • We advise and help individuals with their wills, trusts, tax planning and charitable giving.
  • We support older generations and vulnerable people in protecting their assets.
  • We help businesses in their succession planning.

For help and advice with wealth planning contact one of our lawyers today. You can call us or fill in an online form and we will call you back.

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    • "Jan Atkinson stands out for her wide-ranging knowledge and experience of estates; whatever problem you throw at her, she has seen it all before and is able to find a creative and sustainable solution. She has exceptional commitment to her clients and explores every avenue to find the best solution for them"

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    • The team is very caring, experienced and detailed and was clear about the  next steps and offered very helpful advice and suggestions

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    • Jan Atkinson has extensive experience in private client matters, which underpins her excellent skills in the contentious probate area. Plus she is strong on international matters

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    • Jan Atkinson is a very proficient lady whom I would highly recommend to anyone involved in probates.

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    Estate planning

    Every adult should make and have a valid will, otherwise the intestacy rules govern who gets what when you die. We prepare often complex wills including will trusts that protect assets and property for multi-generations of families. It is vital to consider the needs and expectations of both first and second families to minimise the risk of a dispute after your death.

    International estate planning – If you are one of the growing number of individuals owning property abroad, our solicitors are experts in managing international assets and navigating tax and property laws in foreign jurisdictions. This includes efficient tax planning and advising on the transfer of assets between countries to protect your global wealth.

    Inheritance tax planning – Without inheritance tax mitigation, up to 40% of the value of your estate that exceeds the inheritance tax threshold at the date of death could go to HMRC . But with effective tax planning, your inheritance tax liability could be drastically reduced and, in some cases, completely removed. This often requires sophisticated planning to make use of all available tax reliefs, exemptions and allowances.

    Tax planning

    We also advise on capital gains tax and income tax for individuals, businesses, landed estates, professionals and entrepreneurs on matters including business reliefs and exemptions, retirement planning and dealing with income tax issues with HM Revenue & Customs.


    Transferring money, property or business assets into a trust for the benefit of your beneficiaries can be a highly tax efficient way to protect your wealth, on your own terms. Trusts are an effective tool, for example, to ensure assets are safely handed down to your children, make funds available for your grandchildren’s education or to protect assets from creditors.

    Unwinding a nil rate band discretionary trust (NRB)

    Wills containing a NRB trust can sometimes be a useful way of tax planning but sometimes they are unnecessary and so the trust can be terminated. It is usually important to terminate such a trust within 2 years of the date of death. We can advise on the circumstances surrounding the estate and whether it is a good idea to retain the trust or not.


    You may be considering making financial or charitable gifts, or even setting up a charitable trust – now and possibly under the terms of your will. With specialist advice and strategic planning, this can be a highly tax efficient way of disposing of surplus wealth. Tax efficient giving means a greater sum of money available for those you want to benefit from your wealth. You may be thinking about regular giving or one-off gifts, but we strongly recommend consulting with our specialist wealth planning solicitors before making any gifts and donations.

    Prenuptial agreements

    The courts increasingly look favourably on pre- and postnuptial agreements. If you’re planning to marry or remarry, it is wise to consider a pre-nuptial agreement to protect your wealth (and any children you already have) should the relationship fail. It is vital to take legal advice before taking any steps to signing a prenup to ensure your interests are properly protected. For further advice speak to our prenuptial agreement lawyers.

    How can I protect my wealth?

    This depends on how much you are worth, what you own and how you wish to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones – both now and in the future. We will:

    1. Take a detailed look at your liquid and capital assets and your business and personal financial needs
    2. Understand your objectives and discuss these with you
    3. Identify the most strategic approach to protect your wealth in the most effective ways available.

    Teamwork is key to the most effective structures to protect our clients’ wealth. We do not shy away from consulting with our inhouse team of commercial, family and property law experts if your needs require it.

    We also work with other professionals, including expert financial advisers and accountants, to ensure you benefit from the best available expert advice.

    Long-term advice and support

    Once we have advised you on the various ways to protect your wealth and an agreed strategy has been put in place, our specialist solicitors will continue to be on hand to review your needs and goals and adapt your wealth planning strategies as required.

    It is important to bear in mind that business and personal circumstances are dynamic. The economic environment is also changeable. Therefore it is vital to keep any will, trust and other wealth planning devices under review so that, with specialist advice, appropriate changes can be made to ensure your wealth is protected in future.

    Contact us now if you would like to discuss any of these issues.

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