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I’m living with an abusive partner during lockdown, what are my options?

News article published on: 29th May 2020

On 23 March 2020 the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced a national lockdown. The government implemented the most severe restrictions on public movement ever announced during peacetime, and the nation was told to “stay indoors”. But what about those for whom this instruction is not safe? What about people at risk of violence in their […]

I am vulnerable and homeless but the Council is still refusing to help me

News article published on: 27th May 2020

Homelessness law and procedure can be very complicated. We hope this blog gives you some helpful pointers but it is not designed to be used as a substitute for getting proper legal advice. Depending on your financial circumstances, Legal Aid is available so that you can instruct a lawyer to advise and help you with […]

Frustration and Force Majeure – Does COVID-19 operate to discharge the lease of my business premises? 

News article published on: 20th May 2020

In these unprecedented times, many business owners may be wondering if there is any way that they can cancel or get out of their Lease obligations. The Government has imposed a lockdown affecting the economy for an indefinite period, many commercial lessees will find themselves struggling to pay rent on their premises as their turnover […]

I have lost my job and I have no recourse to public funds – what can I do?

News article published on: 5th May 2020

The impact of the current pandemic is being felt by many, but the prospect of losing your job or not being able to pay your rent will be particularly stressful for those with no recourse to public funds (“NRPF”). This is because if you have no access to public funds, you will not be able […]

I am renting from a private landlord and he has asked me to leave the property – what are my rights?

News article published on: 4th May 2020

I know that many individuals across the country are extremely worried about the instability of their housing. This was a widespread problem even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, but these concerns have only increased as a result of the virus as people struggle to pay their rent. The ONS reported in 2019 that between 2007 […]

No recourse to public funds in the time of Coronavirus

News article published on: 4th May 2020

Anyone working in the field of social welfare law will be familiar with the term “no recourse to public funds”. A significant proportion of migrants in the UK who have leave to remain, will have such subject to a condition that they have no recourse to public funds (“NRPF”). Persons who are subject to immigration […]

Case news: Housing benefit decision addresses issue of what is a full time course of education?

News article published on: 29th April 2020

The background You might be forgiven for thinking that the question of whether a course is full time or part time is fairly straightforward and does not require the involvement of lawyers. However, this is an issue that frequently arises in welfare benefits cases. The basic position is that a full time student will not […]

When does a Local Authority have to provide me with emergency accommodation?

News article published on: 28th April 2020

Absolutely anyone can be struck down by misfortune and find themselves in a situation where they are homeless. Though many will prefer to turn, at least at first, to friends and family for help – this is not always possible. Sometimes you may have to turn to the Local Authority. With the current pandemic, hard […]

Harassment and Unlawful Evictions of Tenants during COVID-19 Pandemic

News article published on: 17th April 2020

At these hugely challenging times, I thought it would be helpful to provide some insight for tenants facing harassment and unlawful evictions during this time. I am currently taking calls from tenants who have tenancy agreements or contractual licences and here are my answers to some of the questions we are responding to. What is […]

I am being threatened with eviction – can I do anything to stop it?

News article published on: 16th April 2020

Whether you occupy social housing or private rented accommodation, early intervention is absolutely key to staving off the threat of eviction. The Coronavirus Act 2020 In response to COVID-19, the Government passed emergency legislation on 25th March 2020 (‘The Coronavirus Act 2020’), which, amongst other things, increased the statutory notice period for the majority of […]

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