Commercial Property Dilapidations

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As a landlord you may be concerned about the state of repair of your commercial premises at the end of the lease. Our expert commercial property lawyers will guide you through the responsibilities of your tenant and advice you of action it may be possible to take should disrepair be present.


Expert advice and help when dealing with commercial property dilapidations

Either during or more usually at the end of a commercial lease the lease will usually provide that the property is put into a certain state of repair by the tenants.

Failure to comply with this will give rise to a claim by the landlord for damages or debt. This area of the law is subject to complicated statutory control and voluminous case law. We can advise landlords in taking the most appropriate course of action.

Questions often asked by the Landlord are:

  • What are the tenants responsible for repairing?
  • Who should do the remedial works to the premises and who will be responsible for the costs of such works?
  • What should I do if the tenant has failed in their duty to repair?

Head of commercial property, Guy Osborn has been providing expert legal advice to commercial landlords for over 23 years. Guy and his team are happy to help you determine whether you have a dilapidations case and guide you through the process.

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