Mark Freedman – Live on Sky News 17 Jun 2010

Family Department Partner Mark Freedman appeared live on Sky News on 24 February 2010 and was asked for his views in relation to the separation of Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole.

Mark’s view was that “The parties are independently wealthy and have their own careers, so from a lawyer’s point of view it might not be that complicated”.

His view was based on years of matrimonial law experience and takes into account the factors that a Court would consider if it were asked to divide the finances. In particular the parties independently earned wealth and their significant future earning capacities, as well as the marriage being relatively short and there being no children would be significant factors in support of Mark’s view.

All of our family solicitors are able to advise on the financial consequences of separation, regardless of whether or not your finances are similar to pop stars and premiership footballers.

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