Owens v Owens – Joanne Wescott Speaks To Sky News

Posted on August 1, 2018

Following on from the decision of the UK Supreme Court in the case of Owens v Owens, Joanne Wescott spoke to Sky News on the implication of the decision and what it means for divorce law in England. Joanne, who is an expert family and divorce lawyer at Osbornes Law explains to Sky News that the Supreme Court has no…

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Mills v Mills To Be Heard in The Supreme Court on Wednesday 6th June 2018

Posted on June 5, 2018

The case of Mills v Mills will be heard in the Supreme Court on 6th June 2018. In August 2017 Mr Mills was granted permission to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal to increase his ex-wife’s spousal maintenance payments, fifteen years after they were divorced. The Facts Following their divorce in 2002, the parties’ financial claims were settled…

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Thai Case Shines The Light on International Surrogacy

Posted on February 26, 2018

A story reported by the Telegraph this week raises some interesting questions about international surrogacy. The reporting states that a 28 year old wealthy Japanese businessman paid women in Thailand between $9,300 and $12,500 each to bear his children. To date he has fathered 13 children using Thai surrogates, explaining that he wanted a large family and was able to…

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Are we One Step Closer to The No Fault Divorce?

Posted on February 12, 2018

Currently in the UK, a no fault divorce is not possible. This means to obtain a quick and easy divorce, the separating partners must allocate blame to one another. However over the years it has been shown that couples do not like this aspect of the process and can create further needless acrimony. Current Divorce Law Rules At present, people…

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