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There has been an enormous growth in the popularity of health spas and beauty salons over recent years. Many men as well as women now enjoy a regular massage, wax or facial. Most treatments are uncontroversial, but occasionally something goes wrong and that should be no surprise.

Remember that this is a largely unregulated industry; when we attend a salon or spa we do not see a certificate of accreditation or excellence and there is no recognised qualification we can expect our beautician to possess. We take it on trust that we are in safe hands, but are we? Perhaps some questions we should consider are:

  1. How hot is that wax and has it been tested before it is put on my legs?
  2. Shouldn’t that beauty product be patch tested before it goes on my face?
  3. Is it safe for my 17 year old to go in a tanning machine?
  4. Does the masseuse know to check about my back complaint?
  5. Are hot stones really a safe way of massaging my lower spine?

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Written by Stuart Kightley

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