Osbornes Solicitors becomes Osbornes Solicitors LLP 17 Jun 2011

In common with many other law firms Osbornes Solicitors has converted to limited liability partnership (LLP) status. This change comes into effect on 1stJune 2011. Below is an explanation of what this conversion means.

 What will our name be?

As from 1st June 2011 our name will be Osbornes Solicitors LLP. Any reference to Osbornes Solicitors shall mean Osbornes Solicitors LLP.

 Will this change affect our clients?

No. We will continue to provide the quality, first class service our clients are used to. Our team structures and quality control systems will remain the same. All client files and confidential information have been transferred over to the LLP and all clients will have received written notification of the conversion. The conversion does not in any way affect the day to day running of the firm and we are still regulated and adhere to the code of conduct of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Will the solicitor dealing with my case change?

No. It is very much business as usual and no internal restructuring has taken place. The solicitor dealing with your case will remain the same.

 Do we still have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. We will continue to have the same level of cover that existed before the coversion.

Why are we concerting to LLP?

In England a limited liability partnership (LLP) is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000, and is a corporate body which has members rather than partners or shareholders. The LLP is therefore liable for any debts of the business and not the individual members or partners.

As a firm, Osbornes also see the need to operate our business using an effective and efficient model, prioritising the requirements, care and experience of our clients above all things.

For further information about our conversion to LLP please contact your solicitor or e-mail Osbornes.

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