Protecting Your Rights

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We all have the right to be treated fairly.

At Osbornes Law we represent individuals who have been unfairly treated or had their rights affected by a public body, local council, hospital, health trust or care home.

Our specialist solicitors represent individuals who have been unfairly treated or their rights infringed and are skilled at fighting for your rights to be respected.

Public Law allows individuals, through the courts to keep in check the decisions and exercising their functions of public bodies.

Decisions of public authorities may be subject to judicial review, the court process for challenging public law decisions. This is a complex process by which a decision is reviewed by a judge to establish whether a public body has complied with the law.

Before issuing a claim for judicial review all other remedies (such as any complaints process including any Ombudsman’s scheme) must be exhausted.

Our specialist rights solicitors are based in London but we are able to assist individuals across England & Wales. We work every day to deliver social justice to the wide-ranging communities . We help people stand up for their rights.

William Ford, Partner and Head of our Social Justice team is a highly experienced housing, community care and public law specialist.  William has a dedicated team working with him who recognise the challenges that can be faced in our society. He has an impressive track record and is regularly praised for being on ‘top of the law’ and who gets the most for his clients.

To speak to William, or a member of his team, call 020 7485 8811 or complete our online enquiry form. Take that next step and stand up for your rights.