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Overlooking Nuisance Claims – Buy some net curtains!

Blog published on: 18th February 2020

Last week saw the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the decision not to allow the Neo Bankside residents’ an injunction to close part of the Tate Modern’s viewing gallery. Five residents of the Neo Bankside lodged an appeal last year after losing a High Court battle in February 2019 to force Tate Modern to close part […]


GP numbers falling at fastest rate for 50 years

Blog published on: 11th February 2020

GP numbers falling at fastest rate for 50 years A recent investigation by the Nuffield Trust carried out on behalf of the BBC, found that in the UK, numbers of GPs are continuously falling, in the first sustained drop since the late 1960s. Currently there are 3,400 fewer GPs in the NHS than expected, with […]


Child Maintenance: When is capital, income?

Blog published on: 10th February 2020

Reading a recent case from the Child Maintenance Tribunal, I considered it worth flagging up that the Child Maintenance Rules changed in 2018, regarding paying parents’ capital. For the purposes of this article I shall refer to the Parent With Care/Non-Resident Parent (CMS terms) as Mother and Father respectively, acknowledging of course it depends on the […]


Married with children from a previous relationship – how can I divide my assets fairly between them when I die?

Blog published on: 7th February 2020

There are several ways of doing this. If there are sufficient assets apart from the family home, it may be possible to divide those between the surviving spouse and children from a previous marriage. But if, as is often the case, most of the assets are tied up in the family home and/or the spouse […]


Why safety improvements for the placement of nasogastric tubes are vital

Blog published on: 7th February 2020

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has this month launched an investigation looking at the implementation of safety improvements for the placement of nasogastric tubes (NGTs). What are nasogastric tubes? NGTs are passed through the nose of the patient and then down the back of the throat, through the oesophagus to the stomach. They are used […]


Bike Boxes – what are the rules?

Blog published on: 31st January 2020

I read a post recently on a London cycling forum in relation to some confusion surrounding the rules relating to advanced stop lines, or bike boxes, at traffic light controlled junctions. The cyclist who posted had asked whether buses and taxis were allowed to use them as they had seen so many being used. After […]


New landmark set in the Time Provision for Inheritance Act claims

Blog published on: 29th January 2020

In the judgment of  the case of Thakare v Bhusate [2020] EWHC 52 (Ch) handed down recently, the High Court upheld a widow’s right to bring a claim against her husband’s estate more than 26 years after the grant of probate was issued. It is a new landmark in the length of time Inheritance (Provision […]


NHS complaints procedure: Your rights and how to complain

Blog published on: 28th January 2020

The NHS Constitution is a document written by the Government that lays out the core principles and values of the NHS in England. It sets out the rights of patients and staff and the responsibilities that the public, patients and staff owe to one another. The aim is to ensure that the NHS operates fairly […]


Financial negotiations on divorce outside court

Blog published on: 23rd January 2020

A reminder from another court that an honest statement is best There was an interesting case in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) recently which reminded me of a discussion I had with a client recently regarding his financial statement he was providing (Form E), voluntarily. The case was not a family case; it was […]


Winter and Skiing Accidents – what to do if you are negligently injured?

Blog published on: 22nd January 2020

The opportunity to spend holidays skiing or snowboarding is one that tempts many of us to the slopes over the winter period. Engaging in these snowy activities can be great fun and a fantastic way to keep fit, and millions of us from the UK spend our winter holidays this way. However, there are also […]


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