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Cosmetic Surgery- Thinking About Going Abroad for Treatment?

Blog published on: 12th August 2019

People from the UK travel abroad for plastic surgery, as on the face of it, it can cost substantially less than paying for private treatment at home. However, cost is not the only factor you should consider before booking an appointment. Below are a few important details that you should bear in mind before stepping […]


Celebrating surrogacy and raising awareness

Blog published on: 9th August 2019

National Surrogacy Week (5-11 August) is back again and celebrating surrogacy in the UK. This valuable week helps to raise national awareness of an important and emotive subject. Surrogacy offers an amazing opportunity of parenthood for those unable to achieve or sustain a pregnancy. It is important that all parties involved understand the legal processes […]


Flying Abroad – Accidents on Board a Plane

Blog published on: 9th August 2019

Each year there are around 50 million flight journeys globally, comprising commercial, private, military and business flights. As with any other mode of transport, flight accidents do occur. The most devastating flight accident is of course a crash, which often results in fatality. In 2018 there were a total of 15 fatal airline accidents, resulting […]


FAQ’s about the Residence Nil Rate Band (‘RNRB’)

Blog published on: 31st July 2019

What is the RNRB? The RNRB is an additional nil rate band. It can be claimed upon a person’s death by their personal representatives to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on an estate. It can be applied together with the ordinary nil rate band, which is currently £325,000 per person. How much is […]


What happens to your digital assets on death?

Blog published on: 26th July 2019

This question is become increasingly prominent with the advancement of technology and increase in social media platforms. Digital assets can include photographs, music, videos, crypto-currency, emails, online games and conversations on social media. Some assets are not actually owned by the individual and instead are enjoyed on a licence and the usage is stipulated in […]



Blog published on: 22nd July 2019

The Trusts Of Land And Appointment Of Trustees Act 1996 Since Bagum V Hafiz And Hai [2015] This case was discussed in much detail in https://osborneslaw.com/osbornes-successful-in-landmark-court-of-appeal-decision-regarding-the-trust-of-land. The Claimant became the sole registered proprietor of a residential property following her husband’s death. Her husband had acquired the property from the local authority under the right to […]


Delayed Introduction of Guardianship Legislation

Blog published on: 19th July 2019

The Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 comes into force on 31 July 2019.  This is a full 27 Months after the bill was given Royal Assent in April 2017. Currently, when someone goes missing, their family has no legal right to step in and manage their affairs. Under the new legislation,  a person may apply […]


New Builds, Poor Standards!

Blog published on: 18th July 2019

This week’s Dispatches programme looked at allegations of shoddy standards, poor customer care and excessive profits being made by one of Britain’s biggest builder. It is no secret that new build homes are fast gaining a reputation of being poorly built resulting in significant stress to those buyers who buy these homes with the risk […]


Workplace fatalities creeping up again!

Blog published on: 18th July 2019

This month the government released the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report, ‘Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain in 2019’. It makes for grim reading. Despite stringent Health and Safety Regulations for UK workplaces, a total of 147 workers were killed while at their place of work during the period of April 2018 to […]


Legal Aid – Past, Present and Future

Blog published on: 10th July 2019

This year marks 70 years since the post-war Labour Government passed the Legal Aid and Advice Act. I was fortunate to be invited to a celebration of this milestone for legal aid at the Houses of Parliament on 9 July 2019, hosted by the Leader of the Opposition. Speakers at the event included Richard Burgeon […]


EMA Decision: Brexit Does Not Frustrate Property Lease

Blog published on: 9th July 2019

The EMA’s appeal against the decision of the Order of Mr Justice Smith that Brexit would not frustrate the EMA lease which was due to be heard in January 2020 has been withdrawn by the EMA. The EMA have reached an agreement with Canary Wharf to sublet their demise to WeWork. WeWork will take a […]



Blog published on: 8th July 2019

Last year the government invited views on how they should tackle exploitative practise in the leaseholder sector. They have now set out what they intend to do following this consultation. The following have been announced: All new build houses will be sold as freehold in future in order to tackle unfair leasehold practices; All new […]


The Queen’s Park Book Festival 2019

Blog published on: 3rd July 2019

The Queen’s Park Book Festival is a weekend celebration of the literary arts in the heart of London. A Festival which is popular amongst many, I am proud that my partners and I have been able to support this wonderful gathering again this year. As an avid reader, the Queen’s Park Book Festival is an […]


Fatal Bacterial Infection Kills Twelve

Blog published on: 1st July 2019

Group A Streptococcus (GAS) is a collection of bacteria which are known to cause a wide range of diseases. From mild fever to life-threatening illness the GAS are well known in the general public as the ‘flesh eating’ bugs, causing a condition called Necrotizing Fasciitis. The bacteria are also responsible for the headlining Toxic Shock […]


Caring For The Most Vulnerable

Blog published on: 28th June 2019

A loophole which exists in care law in England and Wales has led to concern that autistic adults are at risk of abuse. As was reported in The Times last week, many autistic people are forced to live in unregulated housing which is never inspected by care watchdogs, such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Legal loophole […]


The Escalation of Opioid Abuse in US and UK

Blog published on: 24th June 2019

In February 2019, the Sunday Times investigated the extent of opioid related deaths in this country. Back then there were 2,000 recorded deaths every year an increase of 41% from the previous decade. Professor John Strange, head of the addictions department at Kings College, London was reported to say in The Lancet Psychiatry journal “This […]


Cyclists – how best to protect yourselves?

Blog published on: 21st June 2019

A case involving a collision between a pedestrian and a cyclist received plenty of attention in the news this week. The facts of the case The case involved a pedestrian stepping into the road while looking at her mobile phone. A cyclist heading towards her sounded his horn. The pedestrian moved backwards and the cyclist […]


E-Bikes – are they the future for commuting?

Blog published on: 21st June 2019

The Government released some clarification last week in relation to the upper limit of the cycle to work scheme. Many people will be familiar with this scheme which allows employees to get a shiny new bike through a type of salary sacrifice scheme. So their employer fronts the cost and the employee pays it back […]


Brachial plexus injuries claim

Blog published on: 20th June 2019

In my career I have worked for the two biggest motorcycle insurance brokers in the UK and assisted their policyholders with personal injury claims. Brachial plexus injuries are one of the most serious injuries motorcyclists can suffer after being thrown off of their bikes as a result of a collision or being physically hit by […]


Refugee Week

Blog published on: 19th June 2019

This week (17-21 June) is Refugee Week. An opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the many refugees who, for whatever reason, have had to leave their home countries and attempt to start new lives in new places. Those that arrive here in the UK have often seen and experienced traumatic and terrible things, either […]


Property transactions and cyber crime – is anybody watching?

Blog published on: 17th June 2019

We often hear about card details and personal data being stolen, but have you heard about the increasing threat to property owners and property transactions? No? Well here are a few things to think about. Friday Afternoon Fraud The most common threat to property transactions is cyber crime. The Solicitors Regulation Authority has stated that […]


Supreme Court considers affordability in the context of intentional homelessness

Blog published on: 13th June 2019

The Supreme Court has today handed down judgment in the case of Samuels v Birmingham City Council. Lord Carnwath delivered the unanimous judgment of the Court finding the council’s decision to be unlawful. Ms Samuels, with her four children, had applied to the council as homeless but was found to be ‘intentionally homeless’ because she […]


First Time Buyer? Tips to get you started on your journey to your first home

Blog published on: 11th June 2019

I often receive calls from first time buyers telling me they have never bought a property before and they don’t know where to start – What should I ask when I view a property? Do I need a survey? How long will it take? What deposit do I need? Are among a few questions I […]


Volunteering – make a difference to someone’s day

Blog published on: 6th June 2019

This week is Volunteers Week. Volunteering is a great opportunity to give something back to your local community. It is a time where volunteers are recognised for their contribution to volunteering across the UK.  There are various events and celebrations up and down the country throughout this week and it is a chance to people […]


Divorce – Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Blog published on: 4th June 2019

What is a No Fault Divorce? A No Fault divorce is where the fact cited in the Divorce Petition is neutral i.e. the Petitioner does not apportion blame for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage on the Respondent.  Because of the way that the divorce laws are drafted in England and Wales, currently, the only […]


The Devastating Impact of Clinical ‘Never Events’

Blog published on: 3rd June 2019

The NHS performs over 7 million surgical procedures every year, and the vast majority of these are successful. However, occasionally something goes wrong, sometimes due to the negligence of the medical professionals responsible for the patient’s care. Whilst some errors can be rectified quickly and with little adverse effect on the patient, some errors can […]


What should you do if you hit a pothole?

Blog published on: 1st June 2019

Potholes are an increasing menace on London’s roads. With one in five roads nationwide are blighted with them nationwide, some cyclists do fall victim to the pothole, and can suffer life changing injuries as a consequence. It is therefore extremely important to take certain steps when you do hit a pothole – let’s have a look […]


Intimidatory driving to become breach of traffic law?

Blog published on: 1st June 2019

A new driving offence of ‘intimidatory driving’ is being considered by the government to crack down on close passes by drivers. ‘Car dooring’ and a punishment for stopping in cycle stop boxes at traffic lights could also result in points and a fine. New regulations The Department for Transport is publishing a ‘call for evidence’ […]


The Latest Prosthetic Devices for Finger Amputations

Blog published on: 31st May 2019

As a firm we deal with lots of finger amputation cases involving accidents at work on building sites, in abattoirs and factories. These cases can range from the loss of a tip of one finger, half of a finger or to the loss of a whole finger or more than one finger on the same […]


‘DIY Wills’

Blog published on: 31st May 2019

The Law Gazette has recently reported that ‘DIY Wills’ are being blamed for the rise in probate disputes, and this is certainly something we have encountered.  Wills that have not been professionally drafted can frequently omit important details or create uncertainty.  This in turn creates problems for executors and family members trying to interpret the […]


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