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  1. Гуалпа – велосипедист, ранен от опасен шофьор

    Blog article published: 17th March 2023

    Лора Суейн, сътрудник в адвокатска кантора Осборнс (Osbornes Law) спечели иск на велосипедист за над £70 000. Ищецът е карал велосипед по главен път по велоалея с приятел, когато ответникът, който карал в обратната посока, завил от тяхната страна на... Read more

  2. Are trusts protected from divorce?

    Blog article published: 16th March 2023

    Can trusts protect an inheritance from your spouse? A trust is a separate legal entity. Neither spouse owns its assets.  However, trusts are not ring-fenced from being included in the...

  3. Is a limited company protected from divorce?

    Blog article published: 16th March 2023

    Is my spouse entitled to half of my business? If you are involved in running a limited company, then it is important that you know how a divorce could affect...

  4. How is a pension split in a divorce?

    Blog article published: 16th March 2023

    Pensions and Divorce In a divorce, pensions are taken into account together with all other financial assets. Once all assets have been disclosed then one of our divorce experts can...

  5. Who gets the house in a divorce?

    Blog article published: 16th March 2023

    How is a house divided in a UK divorce? For most people contemplating divorce, one of the main concerns will be what happens to the family home. You may be...

  6. Un accident de ciclism a cauzat leziuni majore care schimbă viața

    Case Studies article published: 13th March 2023

    Kate Milton, Avocat Asociat Senior din cadrul firmei Osbornes Law, a soluționat o cerere de despăgubiri pentru un medic de familie în vârstă de 52 de ani care...

  7. 5-figure settlement for infusion leak to mother

    Case Studies article published: 7th March 2023

    Elline Demetriou has reached another successful outcome for a Claimant, who pursued a post C-section birth injury to mother claim against an NHS Trust. The Claimant, Mrs H, was prescribed...

  8. What is legal parenthood and how is it affected if I use donor sperm?

    Blog article published: 7th March 2023

    This issue was in the news recently, when a married Oklahoma same-sex couple were in court over a dispute about the legal parenthood of their son. He had been conceived...