Illegal eviction from home

If you are excluded or removed from a property by a landlord who has failed to obtain a court order for possession and eviction then you may have been illegally evicted.

A  landlord who removes a tenant without following this procedure may be guilty of a criminal offence and liable in damages to a tenant.

Osborne’s Housing department specialise in obtaining damages against landlords who attempt unlawful eviction and robustly defend and enforce tenants rights to peaceably enjoy their home.

We may be able to gain re-entry for you to the property and / or negotiate the return of your possessions in the short-term. We may be able to apply for an injunction to prevent harrassment if necessary.

Legal aid is still available for claims for unlawful eviction and other funding options may be available.

If you have been victim to an illegal eviction or are concerned that this may be the case in the near future contact us by calling us or by filling in our  online form.


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