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News article published on: 20th June 2013

Below are five reasons to choose mediation to resolve your dispute on separation.

1. Cost

Mediation costs a fraction of court proceedings. A session typically lasts one and a half hours. Osbornes fees for mediation are set out below. In comparison, a court case costs thousands, in some circumstances over £100,000.

2. Time

The wait for a court date is a long one. The courts are extremely busy and it can be months between hearings. Your lives are left on hold pending a further court date.   In addition, in a children case, if you need a CAFCASS report they can take 16+ weeks. Reports from other experts can take as long, if not longer.

3. Control

You decide the issues you want to talk about and the priority. You are able to make offers and suggest proposals for agreement which are without prejudice – if the mediation fails, the Judge won’t know the concessions you were prepared to make to reach an agreement in mediation. You can take a break if the mediation gets too much and step out of the meeting. You decide how many meetings you need to have, and when. Ultimately, an agreement reached is one decided by you, with the concessions you are prepared to make.

With Court, the Judge, who doesn’t know you, your children, your ex – decides the future for your family.

4. Stress

Court proceedings are stressful. The nature of the process is adversarial. Correspondence is frequent, there is much documentation. Few relish the prospect of being cross-examined by experienced counsel.

5. The future

If your hope is that in years to come, your children will know that you conducted your separation with dignity; that you may be able to attend your child’s wedding or graduation without feeling uncomfortable, then mediation might be right for you

Our fees for mediation

Mediations: Julian Beard charges £375 (plus VAT) for a one and a half hour mediation session. Both Lisa Pepper and Bridget Thompson charge £150 (plus VAT) for a one and a half hour mediation session.

MIAM’s (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings): Julian Beard charges £150 (plus VAT) for a MIAM with a couple together. Julian charges £100 (plus VAT) for a MIAM with a single person or for a telephone MIAM. It will however be free if tagged onto the end of a failed mediation session with either Julian, Lisa or Bridget, or if the MIAM is by telephone after the initial mediation session.

To speak to any of the above contact us by calling or by filling in our online enquiry form.

For more information on mediation please visit our mediation page.

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