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Waste & Recycling Workers at Highest Risk of Injury

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News article published on: 5th November 2018

There is much more to construction than just building work. A large number of workers in this sector are engaged in demolition, waste management and recycling work.

This work can be dirty, hard and hazardous. It can be poorly regulated and controlled, employing a high proportion of migrant workers for whom English is a second language.

There are very obvious risks of injury in death in demolition, waste and recycling work. Dismantling buildings and other structures, made of metal, concrete and glass, requires specialist skills and the use of special equipment, such as explosives, hammer drills, oxyacetylene cutting equipment, burners and concrete crushers.

Workers who are not properly trained, directed and organised in this work can fall from heights, be injured by collapsing walls, ceilings or other falling objects, hit by moving vehicles or damaged by cutting machines. They can inhale asbestos fibres or toxic chemicals, they can be exposed to electric shock, excessive noise and vibration.

Health & Safety Executive statistics show that the construction industry is the most dangerous for worker fatalities. No separate figures are given for demolition workers, but by far the worst performing area is waste and recycling where the fatality rate is 1 per 10,000 workers. This may look an acceptably low rate, but it is of no comfort to the families of those killed when going about their job of work. It is in fact a 6 times greater risk than for other construction workers.

There is in fact a clear and comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines governing this sort of work. The law requires employers to carefully plan and carry out the work and to make sure their employees and self employed workers under their control have all the relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

If a worker is injured in an accident involving waste management or demolition it will often be because the business in control of the works or one of their employees failed in their legal duties.
The injured party will then have a legal claim for compensation.

The compensation claim will cover not only lost earnings but also damages for the injuries, for care, medical expenses and therapies, travel and damaged property and any future losses in more serious cases.

Osbornes Law has a Personal Injury East European team which acts for UK based construction workers from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We speak those languages and we are experienced in handling fatal and complex injury cases.

Recent cases include:

  • Representing the family of a Romanian formworker who was killed when a metal structure he was dismantling fell on him, and the case settled for £300,000;
  • Acting for another Romanian who was severely injured by a falsework structure that collapsed on him; case valued at up to £1 million

To speak with a personal injury lawyer about your injury and case contact us by calling 020 7485 8811 or fill in our online enquiry form.

Osbornes are ranked as leading personal injury lawyers in London by Chambers UK and The Legal 500. The firm, which specialises in personal injury law are also featured in The Times Best Law Firm 2019′ guide.



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