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Top Five Cycling Apps

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News article published on: 11th May 2019

Technology is playing a part in every part of our lives and this includes when we’re on our bikes. There are apps for almost everything we do and this includes many different aspects of our cycling lives, from optimising gears to planning routes and logging distances travelled. Here is a closer look at our top five cycling apps you can download for either Android, Windows or iOS phones and sometimes all three:

1.  Strava
Strava is probably the most famous of all cycling apps and one of the most popular GPS cycling apps there is. It offers a huge range of different ride logging functions and connects with your online Strava profile so, over time, you build up a picture of your cycling habits, longest distances and can set goals. At the end of each ride Strava will also give you further statistics such as calorie burn and elevation ridden. It is free but there is a premium version if you want to pay for extras.

2. CycleMaps
As well as logging your rides and collecting stats, an app like CycleMaps is handy for planning your routes in advance. It uses a host of sources including OpenCycleMaps and CycleStreets to plot direct and safe routes for you to enjoy and access on your bike. You can use to plot simple A to B routes as well as including planned stops and via points if necessary. You can also ask the app to find slower, scenic routes for leisure rides. CycleMaps is available for iOS and Windows Phone, with a price of £2.59 for Windows users.

3. Bike Doctor
Bike Doctor and Bike Doctor 2 are a handy resource for bicycle breakdowns. Bike Doctor 2 features 29 of the most common repairs you may find you need if you have a breakdown as the side of the road, ensuring you can going again or at the very least get home. The common repairs include everything from stopping gears from skipping to mending punctures and each repair is displayed in a straightforward step by step way. Enjoy for £2.99 on Android or iOS.

4. Bike Gear Calculator
For precision engineering and optimisation for your gears, Bike Gear Calculator lets you compare gear ratios to ensure you have the perfect setup. With a slick interface and a wide range of different variables to play with, it appeals to the technical side of your mind and is packed with graphs and precision calculations. Bike Gear Calculator can be enjoyed for free on both Android and iOS.

5. Map My Ride
Map My Ride is another popular GPS and logging app which was one of the first ever ride-logging services launched. Yes, it is a rival for Strava but it has its own features. It records a wide range of data from your rides including speed, distance, elevation and a detailed map of your route. You can upload this to the website with one click and then enjoy an even more detailed analysis or share with other users. You can enjoy a free version of Map My Ride on iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

If you recommend other cycling apps let us know on twitter @OsbornesCycling

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