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The Top Three Power Couples of Cycling

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News article published on: 11th May 2019

Professional cycling comes with many advantages and using state of the art cycling gear on some of the world’s most breath-taking cycling routes are just a couple of the perks. Cycling may seem like a solitary sport but these three couples not only share their love for cycling but even train and compete together. We’ve put together a star line up including our top three cycling power couples.

1. Tayler Wiles and Olivia Dillon

These two pro cyclists met when they became teammates back in 2011 although they didn’t actually start dating until 2012. Tayler Wiles explained in a recent interview that people who aren’t in the industry struggle to understand the hard work involved in being a pro cyclist and the joy of sharing a joint passion with your partner is unrivaled. However, when it comes to racing against each other, they mean business.

2. Joe and Dottie Saling

The secret of a great marriage according to Joe and Dottie Saling is all down to cycling. After 52 years, the couple has demonstrated that pro athletes have some key advantages over others when it comes to the dating game. From holidaying every year at The Nationals to buying each other bike related gifts for Birthdays and Christmases, this couple really do eat, breath and sleep cycling.

3. Jeremy Dunn and Julie Krasniak

Julie and Jeremy’s paths crossed at a photo-shoot in France and swiftly became an item. Julie moved to Portland to live with Jeremy and the pair found they enjoyed spending time with each other both on and off the bike. The couple pooled their love for cycling into a company called The Athletic, which specializes in sports apparel, which they co-own.

There is a saying that warns people against mixing business with pleasure but according to these three power couples, melding these two things was the best thing they ever did.

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