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The Top 5 Cycle Safety Gadgets

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The Top 5 Cycle Safety Gadgets

News article published on: 11th May 2019

For the tech-loving cyclist, there are oodles of gadgets to enhance your ride. And there are those that can even increase your safety when you’re out and about on two wheels. Here are our top 5 cycle safety gadgets

1. Fibre Flare Cyclops Light –£22.99

Fibre Flare set the cycling world alight when it released its bendable omni-directional light, but their new release, the Cyclops, is even better. Resembling those glow-sticks you used to get in nightclubs, its LED and fibre-optic set-up allows visibility from all angles, as well as featuring a powerful forward-facing light to help you see where you’re going.

It boasts a range of 500m for side visibility and a whopping 2000m for the forward-facing light, all powered by two rechargeable AA batteries. A highly innovative piece of kit – we simply love it.

2. Hövding inflatable helmet –£249

When is a helmet not a helmet? When it’s a Hövding, of course. This very clever device sits around your neck like a collar, and in the case of an impact, quickly inflates around your head, providing your skull with its very own personal airbag. Sounds weird, right? But in action, it’s very impressive (and oddly mesmerising – check out the YouTube videos!

It’s not cheap, and is one-use only, but if you’ve bought one and been in an impact, you can buy a replacement directly from the company for £99. Read our previous blog on the Hövding.

3. Visijax Commuter Jacket –£119.99

In the spirit of being more visible on the roads, the Visijax basically chucks its entire arsenal of hi-vis tech at a raincoat. This bright yellow beast has reflective strips, LEDS to the front and the back, and it even has motion-activated turn signalling. Powered by rechargeable USB, waterproof-yet-breathable and we’re told you can even bung it in the wash without the electronics coming to any harm. A jacket to be seen in.

4. ICEdot Crash Sensor –£139 and £5 annual subscription.

Aimed at those cyclists who like long, solo weekend cycles in rural areas, the ICEdot is a little yellow device you mount on your helmet that, paired with a smartphone, can detect an impact. When it does, a countdown starts on your mobile device, and if you don’t (or more importantly, can’t) switch it off, up to 10 emergency contacts are immediately notified, along with your GPS co-ordinates.

It can also give emergency services vital ID and medical details when you are unable to. The button itself is very light at just 13g and is relatively unobtrusive. Not bad for something that might just save your life.

5. Loud Bicycle –Around £66

When all else fails, sometimes you just need a loud noise to tell people to get out of your way. There are a slew of bicycle horns on the market, but only one, the Loud Bicycle, was designed to mimic a car horn. Its innovative 125dB two-note honk is more perceptible to the ear than a louder single-note horn, and stops drivers in their tracks before they even see you.

The water-resistant horn comes with security bolts to stop sticky-fingered thieves, and a single charge will last up to two months of hoot on your daily commute.

Of course we hope you never need to test out just how effective some of these cycle safety gadgets so please ride safely!

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