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‘Current politician’ involved in historic Staffordshire child sex abuse ring

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News article published on: 26th May 2015

Another national politician has been accused of historic child abuse, this time in Staffordshire by a woman who has waived her anonymity to speak to Sky News.

This morning, Esther Baker told Sky News that she sees a politician on TV regularly who was involved in a paedophile ring in Staffordshire in the 1980’s and 90’s. she also says that a judge and a Peer from the House of Lords also joined in the abuse.

In the interview, Baker said that she used to excite the politician by sitting on his lap and playing the piano as a young girl before he asked her to play in a very adult way with him. She said, “I know every inch of him…”

In another part of the interview, Baker alleges that police were on hand to protect those abusing the children, sometimes in uniform. She says she was even in the same congregation at church as one of the police officers.

One of the tactics used by the paedophile ring was in victim blaming. She says that she came to the understanding that God had decreed her fate and, it being God’s will, she should do her duty by Him. This is if anything the most extreme part of such abuse, with the victim believing that they made the choice by doing something wrong before the eyes of God or it was somehow the victim’s fault.

Children think they have grown up before they have, and make decisions that they later regret. For my part, following the abuse I suffered as a child, for many years I mistakenly thought I was gay, something that tormented me for a long time before I had the maturity to make such decisions. Though for some the question of homosexuality shouldn’t be an issue – we are born to our preferences – those who are convinced we are when we are not face intense confusion from the time we are abused.

This confusion, and other elements of victim blaming, can cause many years of trauma – and can set us on a course to psychiatric breakdown rather than achieving to our potential in life. If anything, the mental trauma of the acts taken against us is far greater than that felt during the acts of abuse themselves.

The public was recently left bemused when a serving Peer was deemed unfit to stand trial due to dementia despite serving on a number of Parliamentary committees and voting in the House since his dementia diagnosis. It isn’t unlike banks being fined but no bankers prosecuted over the repeated international finance scams that have come to light recently.

The UK Establishment has not been ejected by popular revolt since Cromwell – and then only temporarily. This scandal, where it increasingly seems that paedophilia is just part and parcel of running the country, will shake it to its foundations. More and more politicians and leaders of the country in the judiciary, Parliament and other parts of the loose affiliation of organisations we know as the Establishment are being implicated in sex abuse.

One does wonder just how endemic this is among those who rule over us – as it is, people of all political persuasions take it as a bit of a joke that half the Establishment are at it in some way. Until those implicated are held to account, this running joke will always taint those who rule over us. One does wonder however if new claims with soon be brought which do not contain the word ‘historic’?

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