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  1. Serious Injury Claims


    What is a Serious Injury Claim? If you have suffered a catastrophic or life-changing injury our solicitors could help you claim compensation for the pain and suffering it has caused...

  2. Cycling Accident Claims


    Cycling Accident Compensation As cyclists ourselves, we know that every case is different and we understand the issues that arise in cycling accident claims. From dooring, flooring and hooking to...

  3. Media


  4. Divorce Lawyers London


    Expert divorce lawyers in London Osbornes Law is recognised as having one of the top teams of divorce solicitors in London as well as being one of the largest teams....

  5. Koniec Obwinień Przy Rozwodzie

    Blog article published: 21st June 2022

    „Gra w obwinianie” rozwodów przeszła do historii i pojawiły się długo oczekiwane reformy prawa rozwodowego w Anglii i Walii. Pary, które planowały rozwód,...

  6. Road Traffic Accident Abroad Claims


    Driving is relatively safe in most EU countries, but accidents do happen and there are rules in place to help you get the compensation you are entitled to. This page...

  7. Trusts of Land

    Blog article published: 9th June 2022

    What are trusts of land? Property ownership is not always a straightforward legal issue, particularly where the parties are cohabitees or there is disagreement as to the nature of the...

  8. Right to Light Law

    Blog article published: 8th June 2022

    Right to Light Law in the UK Property owners have a legal right to light as set out in the Rights of Light Act 1959. The property disputes team at Osbornes...