Types of Accidents

Types Of Accidents Which Can Result In Personal Injury Claims

Our lawyers can help with every conceivable type of personal injury claim including very serious injuries. These include the following:

Accidents at Work

Employers have a duty to provide employees with a safe workplace and with suitable equipment which is appropriate for every task. Your workplace should have a regular risk assessment to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries happening. Unfortunately, personal injury in the workplace is common.

When accident s do occur they include:

Car and Road Traffic Accidents

We work with hundreds of people throughout the UK to claim compensation for accidents that happen on the nation’s busy roads. These include.

Cycling Accidents

As the legal partner to the London Cycling Campaign, our cycling injury lawyers deal with all common and serious types of cycling accidents.

Defective Product Accidents

If you have been injured by a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak to one of our specialist lawyers to discuss your case.

Holiday Accidents

Every year we deal with holiday accidents that occur in the UK and abroad. If you or your family have fallen ill or suffered an injury while on holiday, we can help.

Slips, Trips & Falls

If you have suffered an injury due to a slip, trip or fall in a public place you may be able to claim compensation.

Sports Injury

Many sports have a risk of injury. However, if you have been injured while playing sport due to someone else’s fault you may be able to claim for sports injury compensation. The types of sports injury we can help with include.

Criminal Injury

If you are an innocent victim of a crime, we can advise you on making a claim to the government body the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for compensation.

Child Injury

If your child has suffered an injury due to an avoidable accident we may be able to help you make a claim. Children cannot bring legal claims in their own right and so a ‘litigation friend’ – usually a parent – needs to act on their behalf.

Making a claim

You have three years from the date of the accident to make your personal injury claim.

Call us, as soon as possible, as recommended treatment can be arranged with medical specialists to help with your recovery. Interim financial payments may also be arranged and advice on benefits available to you.

If you wish to discuss a personal injury claim with us please call 020 7485 8811 or complete the email enquiry form to arrange a convenient time for us to contact you.