How long will my case take?

It is very difficult to exactly say how long a child abuse claim will take from start to finish. It depends on the nature of your case, the complexity of your case, how long it takes to obtain all the evidence (police records, medical records, social services records, school records, work records, criminal proceedings records, witness statements, medical reports etc).

It also depends on the stance the Defendant takes. A lot will depend on the attitude of the Defendant and if the Defendant is an individual he/she may not seek legal advice straightaway, which will delay matters.

If legal proceedings are needed they must be issued at Court no later than 3 years after the date of your injury or 3 years from the date that you knew that you had suffered psychological difficulties as a consequence of the abuse. This may happen at a later date. Also it is common for a person not to come forward at the time of the abuse.  Childhood abuse thrives on silence and secrecy and we understand this. We also understand that disclosure of such abuse can be difficult as it affects not only you but your family and friends.

Often there are delays in bringing a civil claim if criminal proceedings are ongoing. It is sensible to wait until the criminal proceedings have concluded before pursuing a civil claim but you should seek urgent advice from a solicitor in relation to this.

How we can help

We can provide you advice on any tertiary advice and assistance that you may require during the life of your claim. Some useful support groups are:

If the Defendant admits liability for your injury we may be able apply for an interim payment of damages on your behalf to assist in speeding up the litigation process.