What happens next?

Witness statement

We will take a witness statement from you and any other witnesses and these will be finalized and sent to the independent medical expert to form part of your case. The witness statements will be updated throughout the life of your case and will be disclosed to the Defendant at a later date if proceedings are issued.

Expert Evidence

Once the expert evidence is all to hand and is supportive of your case, we will then organize a conference with a barrister so that we can sit around a table and talk about the merits of you claim.

Post Conference

We will prepare all the relevant documentation in readiness for issue and service of proceedings. Thereafter a court timetable will be fixed with deadlines for all parties to adhere to until your case concludes via settlement or trial.

How we can help

We can provide you advice on any tertiary advice and assistance that you may require during the life of your claim. If the Defendant admits liability for your injury we can apply for an interim payment of damages on your behalf.

To read more about this from Osbornes see our medical negligence claims page.

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