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Is the Apple Watch destined to become top dog in the world of cycling gadgets?

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Is the Apple Watch destined to become top dog in the world of cycling gadgets?

News article published on: 11th May 2019

If you are an avid cyclist, there’s a good chance that you have already invested in your share of high tech cycling gadgets to improve and track your performance. Should you add the Apple watch to your collection?

What Exactly Does it Do?

In a nutshell, the Apple watch is a wearable device that tracks and monitors your movements using a built in heart sensor and boasts a comprehensive suite of Apps. Like the iPhone, the user can benefit from a wide range of Apps, which sets it apart from other types of wearable tech. The watch is visually appealing so you can wear it all day like you would a normal watch and it will monitor your movements throughout the day. The watch starts from £299 and it is compatible with the Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and the iPhone 6.

Track your Performance

Like many other cycling gadgets out there, the Apple watch enables cyclists to track their performance and log the results. The watch boasts an optical sensor on the back that monitors your heart rate without the need for a heart monitor strap. The much-anticipated Strava App provides a number of exciting features that allow users to get results in real time. For example, you can see your weekly training progress at a glance on a high-resolution display. Most of the features require you to carry your iPhone in a pocket but the Apple watch provides a more convenient way to track your performance both on and off the bike.

Hands Free

The Apple Watch differs to all other products under the Apple umbrella due to the fact it is completely wireless. All you need is a pair of Bluetooth headphones and you can instantly sync music from your iPhone. The Apple Watch aims to provide a seamless approach to technology allowing you to answer text messages without digging your phone out of your pocket to reply. You can even dictate a custom reply to messages on the go. The same applies to taking or making phone calls while out on your bike. You can accept or decline a call at the touch of a button and respond with a voice-controlled command. The quality of this service will depend on the background noise and wind speed of course.

Apple Pay

One of the most exciting aspects of the watch is that it allows you to pay for things while you are out and about on your bike (as long as the place in question accepts Apple Pay). This is great if you don’t want to take cash out with you or use up valuable space with a wallet. Fancy stopping off for a coffee? Simply press the side button twice to activate Apple Pay and hold your watch to the payment terminal.

The Apple watch aims to make accomplishing small tasks while out on a ride simple. So what do you think – will you be investing in the Apple watch?

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